Video Premiere: Skiddalz “OMG”

One of the newest faces to hit the hip-hop airwaves is none other than a self-proclaimed “fat, white girl” rapper by the name of, Skiddalz.  Known for her tongue-twisting lyrics and high-energy live performances, this rapper has been attracting audiences from local venues in St. Louis to television shows.  With four of her original songs previously placed in over nine episodes of “Jersey Shore“, and one in two episodes of the new MTV series, “The Pauly D Project“, it’s safe to say her music won’t be going away anytime soon.  She doesn’t look like your typical, favorite emcee; but her crazy rhyme-spitting can be loved even by the preppiest kids in school.  In her latest music video, “OMG”, Skiddalz and her reject-posse go head-to-head with the cheer captain, Becky (Skiddalz’ alter ego), as their two gangs clash over Becky trying to take the spotlight in Skiddalz’ song.  In the end, Becky wants to tour with Skiddalz and become “BFFs”, and Skiddalz proves to everyone that it takes talent, more than image, to stand out in the crowd.  To learn more about Skiddalz, visit her website at

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