The Duo Behind the Sound of Punk’d [ Interview ]

Each week on MTV’s Punk’d you get to witness the celebrities getting Punk’d by their peers. Just beyond the hi-jinx is the ‘sound’ of the show. The music. The glue. The ‘Soundtrack’ if you will. The duo behind the Punk’d theme song and overall sound this season are the Los Angeles based band Heavy Young Heathens. The HYH’s are no strangers around MTV. Their music has been featured throughout shows such as Death Valley, Jersey Shore, and the Parkour Challenge. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing them about scoring music for Television and specifically Punk’d. The best part of this? They wrote and recorded a song called ‘Joey Lawrence of Arabia’ just for the fans of Punk’d to give away as a free download (below)

Heavy Young Heathens “Joey Lawrence of Arabia” – Free Download (right-click to save)

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[ Heavy Young Heathens Interview ]

ST: Prior to Punk’d, Had You Guys Ever Scored A Television Show?

HYH: No, we never scored a show. Hell, we never even scored with a Girl! But now, after Liz Miller (Punk’d Music Supervisor) found us playing at the Baked Potato in Hollywood and hired us to score Punk’d, all of our dreams have come true.

ST: During the process of creating original music for Punk’d, what was the creative direction you went for?

HYH: We went for the closest thing to RATT that we could. I think it’s safe to say we failed. So we went back to our original idea of creating a Big Fuzzy Drums and Bass sound.

ST: Being that you guys are a band, is scoring for TV more fulfilling creatively than hitting the road and touring?

HYH: The only things we miss about the Road and Touring are Buying Illegal Fireworks in New Mexico, Texas BBQ and Visiting Graceland 3+ times a year. Other than that, We carry a great deal of gratitude for the situation we are in right now, getting to be creative everyday doing what we love and making a living at it.

ST: How does it feel to hear your music each week on TV?

HYH: It is widely known that the days of traditional marketing for bands and records are over, so TV has introduced our music to so many listeners that we would never have reached otherwise. And Again, I cannot stress enough how much gratitude we have to be in this position.

ST: Do you have any advice for someone wanting to break into the field of scoring TV/Film?

HYH: Actually, I was going to ask you that same question. If you have any leads, I would love to pass along my Demo Tape. It is Cutthroat out there…

ST: Is there a specific person(s) ‘musically’ that have influenced you guys and your music?

HYH: Jeff Garber of National Skyline, Brett Detar, Fred Maher, The Dalai Lama & The Noid from Domino’s Pizza (Bring Back the Noid)

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