Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 11

Teen Mom 2 
Featured Artist: Dawn Golden


Tim Cullen – “Face”

My Final Words – “The Day I Ran Out Of Luck”
Jennelle finds out she’s pregnant

Denison Witmer – “If You Are The Writer”
Leah takes Ali to physical therapy

David Gagliardi – “Shatterproof”
Chelsea picks Aubree up from daycare

Lights & Motion – “Dream Away”
Leah drops the girls off with Cory

The Native Sibling – “Oh, Sing”
Javi comes home from work and talks to Kailyn

JF Robitaille – “Dream with You”
Jennelle tells Jace that he’s going to be a big brother

Uninhabitable Mansions – “The Speed is Deceiving”
Jenelle talks to Jace about being a big brother

Dawn Golden – “All I Want”
End Montage

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