Music from Teen Mom 2 Episode 7 Season 3


Featured Artist: Chris Holt

photo credit: Chris Siewert

 Teen Mom 2 – Airdate: December 24, 2012

Tim Cullen – Face

(Theme Song)

Dylan Callaghan – Little One

(scene: Chelsea, her Mom, and Daughter go get their nails done)

Stern – Mother and Child

(scene: Jenelle and Josh talk about moving in together)

Summertime Kids – Storm the Situation

(scene: Leah talks to her Mom and Sister about Jeremy)

Marc Robillard – Square

(scene: Chelsea tell her friend about failing her math test)

The Ghost In You – Dream Forever

(scene: Kaitlyncalls her cousin and talks about coming home)

The Dream Patrol – I’m Fearless

(scene: Corey meets Jeremy)

Chris Holt – Say Goodbye

(scene: Corey takes the kids)

Noah Gunderson – Garden

(scene: Leah drops the kids off with Corey)

Bascom Hill – Hello

(scene: Chelsea makes dinner with her friends)

Jack and the Bear – Jack’ Flying Theme Pt. II

(scene: Jenelle talks to her Mom about moving in with Josh)

Hearts and Daggers – What It Feels Like

(Closing Montage of Show)

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