Soundtrack Reviews: Husky

Album: Forever So (released July 10, 2012 on Sub Pop Records)
Focus Track: – “The Woods”

Husky is an Australian four piece band, and the latest addition to the bearded indie folk rock movement.  Do they play acoustic guitar and sing in tight, reverb-drenched harmonies?  Yes.  Did they record their debut album, “Forever So” on their own in a secluded cottage?  Yes.  Are they named after a furry mammal?  Yes, on paper Husky seems to fit nicely into territory already forged by Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear and Dr. Dog.  Yet, the foursome brings a flair of individuality to the mix.  With memorable melodies, beautifully ethereal songwriting and dramatic, thoughtful lyrics, Husky manages to make a lot of old ideas sound fresh with a unique stylistic flavor.

Husky will be playing a live show at The Hotel Cafe here in Los Angeles, next Tuesday 8/7.

++ Review by MTV Intern, Dimitri Smith ++