Soundtrack from Teen Mom 3, Episode 9

Teen Mom 3 

Featured Artist: The Miracals

The Miracals

Tim CullenFace
Theme Song

TaylrTime to Fly
Scene: Voice over of Alex saying she is going to be leading her dance team in a competition.

LovedrugPink Champagne
Scene: Alex talks to her friend about the dance competition.

Kami Rae: Hum With Me
Scene: Katie and Joey talk about shopping for wedding dresses.

Courtney Marie AndrewsSex Dreams
Scene: Mackenzie talks to her mom about Josh.

Queensland: The Descent
Scene: Briana makes an appointment to get on birth control.

The MiracalsGive Me A Chance
Scene: Briana and her sister buy condoms.

What’s FairEvery Now and Then
Scene: Mackenzie’s mom talks to Josh’s trainer.

Angel Island: Bring me Down
Scene: Alex is at a dance class.

The Dream BrothersMore Island
Scene: Alex has a conversation about the dance costumes with her grandmother.

Matthew MayfieldTake What I Can Get
Scene: Mackenzie talks to her mom and about Josh not going to practice.

Jonathan Inc.Best Bets
Scene: Mackenzie and Josh break up.

Black Swan RunnersAll the Bad Ones
Scene: Alex Drives to the Dance Comptetition

David BerkeleyParachute
Scene: Alex competes in the dance competition with her dance group.

See the WorldLosing to Win
Scene: Briana’s sitter talks to Briana and her mother about her abortion.

Thom FlowersCrossroad
Scene: Katie and Joey get into a fight in the car.

The CO: Keep it Together
Closing Montage

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