Soundtrack from Teen Mom 3: Episode 8

Teen Mom 3

Featured Artist: Oliver Trolley


Listen to their song “Way Too Fast” HERE.

Tim Cullen: Face
Theme Song

The Rocketboys: Hard Times
Scene: Alex talks to her mom about Matt’s overdose.

Intercept: Home
Scene: Katie waits for Joey to take her and Molli to Molli’s swim lesson, but decides to walk instead.

Cuff the DukeCount on Me
Scene: Briana takes driving lessons.

Oliver TrolleyWay too Fast
Scene: Briana ends her driving lesson.

Lovedrug: Dinosaur
Scene: Katie and her friend are playing with their kids in the pool.

What’s Fair: Honestly
Scene: Alex picks out a prom dress.

Twin Atlantic: You’re Turning into John Wayne
Scene: Katie lays on the couch as Joey gets ready to go fishing.

Scene: Joey leaves the room after arguing with Katie.

Heavy Young HeathensSad but True
Scene: Mackenzie hangs out in the pool with her dad.

Matt PryorWhere Did I Go Wrong?
Scene: Alex drives to prom with her date.

Alec GrossBurning Grounds
Scene: Katie and her mom end their conversation.

Melpo MeneI’m Barking
Scene: Briana is done with her first day of school.

The Mowgli’sSee I’m Alive
Scene: Mackenzie drives to Lane’s house to give Josh his Father’s Day present.

Matt PryorAs Lies Go…This One is Beautiful
Closing Montage

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