Soundtrack from Catfish: Season 2, Episode 16

Catfish: The TV Show

Featured Artist: The Royal Concept

The Royal Concept

Vassals: Tambourines
Cloud Cult: Love You All
Cloud Cult: Wiggle Shakes

Bedouin Soundclash feat. Coeur de PirateBrutal Hearts
Scene: Nev continues reading Mike’s email about his failed attempt to meet Caroline and asks for their help.

Denitia & SeneBecause We Are Fools
Scene: Nev and Max videochat with Mike.

The Royal ConceptOn Our Way
Scene: Nev and Max travel to Florida.

Belle MareDeep In Your Dark
Scene: Nev and Max show Mike a video of the real Caroline saying she has never met him before.

Jack & The BearAshes
Scene: Mike takes some time to process Carline not being who she says she is.

Valerie JuneTwined & Twisted
Scene: Nev and Max take Michael to go see who Caroline actually is.

Chelsea WolfeThe Waves Have Come
Scene: Nev, Max and Mike leave after Caroline reveals herself to be Heather.

Aunt MarthaSteal Back
Scene: Nev calls Heather and sets up another meeting to talk things through.

Bear’s DenMy Lair
Scene: Heather leaves Mike’s house after their second meeting.

Nadia FayHome
Scene: Mike videochats with the real Caroline.

Song Preservation Society: Love Me Like She Did
Scene: Nev and Max videochat with Mike afterwards.

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