Soundtrack from Catfish: Season 2, Episode 15


Featured Artist: Nico Vega

Nico Vega Featured Artist

In this episode, you heard the song “Lucky One.” Listen to the song HERE, and check out our artist profile page for Nico Vega HERE.

Vassals: Tambourines
Cloud Cult: Love You All
Cloud Cult: Wiggle Shakes

Cayucas: Will the Thrill
Scene:  Nev and Max read Keyonnah’s email about being in an online relationship with Bow Wow.

Yacht: Second Summer
Scene: Nev and Max travel montage to North Carolina to see Keyonnah.

Nico Vega: Lucky One
Scene: Nev and Max are driving to Keyonnah’s house.

Eternal Summers: I Love You
Scene: Nev and Max begin their investigation on Bow Wow.

The Spring Standards: Don’t Lose Your Faith in Love
Scene: Nev tells Keyonnah that he is 99% sure that she has not been talking to Bow Wow.

Daughter: Tomorrow
Scene: Nev and Max go to Keyonnah’s and tell her that if wants to meet him they have to go to Atlanta today.

No Ceremony///: Warsongs
Scene: Keyonnah cries in the car after seeing that Bow Wow is actually Dee.

Lotte Kestner: When It’s Time
Scene: Nev, Max and Keyonnah drive to the hotel after meeting Bow Wow.

Soko: How Are You?
Scene: Nev, Max and Keyonnah leave after visiting Bow Wow for a second time.

Hot Streets: Condescending Paradise
Scene: Nev and Max videochat with Keyonnah a month later.

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