Soundtrack Discovers: Motel Mirrors


Motel Mirrors

Memphis duo Motel Mirrors are about to release their self titled debut album on August 27 via Archer Records. Motel Mirrors is a natural pairing from two of Memphis’ most talented artist. Amy LeVere has been releasing albums and touring the world for the past several years, even making a cameo in the 2005 film Walk The Line. She portraid Rockabilly QueenWanda Jackson. Knoxville native John Paul Keith had been cutting his teeth in and around Memphis with his band  John Paul Keith & The One Four Fives before breaking off in recent years record to record as a solo artist. His 2011 album,The Man That Time Forgot, is a personal favorite of mine and was criminally underrated.

The two paired up earlier this year and have been toiling away in a Memphis studio. I’ve been patiently waiting for some music to hear and today they’ve granted my wish. Stream a brand new Motel Mirrors song below taken from their debut album.

//words: Scottie Diablo

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