Soundtrack Discovers: Kali Uchis

Wow. Kali Uchis. This girl brings enough style to transport you back to the golden era of cruising East Los Angeles’ Whittier Boulevard in the mid-1970’s. Filled with Doo-Wop samples and a laid back gangsta lean attitude. I sincerely can’t get enough of this girl. She’s pulled and wrapped her music around a culture I grew up in and I see a bright future ahead. Listening to these jams, I can’t help to think of a perfect 85 degree Sunday afternoon sitting in the back of a convertible 1966 Chevy Caprice heading to a BBQ in Montebello.

//words: Scottie Diablo

WATCH: Kali Uchis “What They Say” | STREAM: More Music here | DOWNLOAD: Mixtape