Real World Skeletons: Cast Music Profiles

The Real World: Skeletons


We’re all so excited for the return of one of our favorite shows, The Real World! Premiering tomorrow, 12/16 at 10pm, The Real World: Skeletons stars seven brand new roommates living it up in the city of Chicago. With a bright future ahead, each of the roommates leaves behind their past: broken relationships, estranged family members and dark secrets. They soon discover that running away from the past is harder than it seems as each cast member has “the last person on Earth they wanted to see” arrive on their doorstep to spend an episode with the roommates. With so many possibilities, this is guaranteed to be a groundbreaking season.

To tide us over while we wait for tomorrow’s premiere, we’ve been hard at work giving each roommate their own personal Real World Music Profile. Meet the cast below and listen to their favorite songs on a personalized Spotify playlist!

Bruno_RW Jason_RW madison_RW Nicole_RW Sylvia_RW Tony_RW Violetta_RW