Music + Playlists from MTV’s New Show Status Updates


MTV’s Status Updates follows a group of LA twenty-somethings as they attempt to navigate the world of relationships in today’s age of over-sharing. In a world where connecting is easy, why does it have to be so complicated?

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Episode by Episode Music Playlists Below


Music from Status Updates Episode 1 Playlist


Jake Troth – 9-5

(scene: introduction to all Status Updates characters)

Ski Lodge – Chandeliers

(scene: Maggie talks about Audrey and her “dating problem”)

PAPA – Collector

(scene: Audrey reads over her online dating requirements)

The Smiles – Swimming

(scene: Claire, Audrey, Maggie hang at their coffeeshop, talk about Scott)

Long Walks On The Beach – I Didn’t Want To Make Out

(scene: Cutaway to Scott hanging out with Maggie and Melanie)

Word Drugs – Catalina Wine Mixer

(scene: Paul and Claire wait outside Lindsay Lohan’s house)

Kim Novak – Merry Go Round

(scene: Maggie looks at terrible photos that Melanie posted)

Cheerleader – New Daze

(scene: Paul explains “Make Out Madness” app to Scott, they chat about choosing either Maggie or Melanie)

Fort Lean – High Definition

(scene: Montage leading up to Scott and Maggie sitting on the steps together)

Shiv Hurrah – All My Teeth Fell Out

(scene: Scott leaves Maggie on the steps after telling her that he needs a night just him and his girlfriend)


Music from Status Updates Episode 2 Playlist


A B & The Sea – Baby You

(scene: Introduction montage, shot of the beach)

Pepper Rabbit – Harvest Moon

(scene: Audrey gets back into the online dating game, but needs to use an egg timer to keep from always checking if she has matches)

Golden Boots – Love Is In The Air

(scene: Maggie, Claire, and Audrey hang out at the coffeeshop)

Eli Mardock – Everything Happens For The First Time

(scene: Shot of LA mountains at sunset sets the scene for Audrey’s Skype blind date)

Snowmine – Penny

(scene: After Audrey’s video chat goes all wrong, she chat about it with Maggie and Claire)

Ruby Coast – Liza Liza

(scene: Maggie works on her Etsy stuff and tells Claire about the Scott situation)

Eli Mardock – If You’re With, Then You’re Against Me

(scene: Cutaway to Maggie’s provocative ice cream eating)

Faded Paper Figures – The Persuaded

(scene: Outro song plus credits)

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Music from Status Updates Episode 3 Playlist


Tan Vampires – I Found a Body

(scene: Maggie walks down the street alone, texts Scott ‘I miss you’”)

North Highlands – Steady Steady

(scene: Audrey gets ready for her big date)

Millionyoung – Weakends

(scene: Audrey and Jared hit the town)

Stepdad – Cutie Boots

(scene: Audrey’s date seems to be going well until Jared decides to put his Snuggie on)

Scarlet Tanager – Zipcode

(scene: The next morning, Claire, Maggie, Audrey talk about Jared’s Snuggie)

Pepper Rabbit – Harvest Moon

(scene: Maggie contemplates what to do about Scott and Melonie breaking up)


Music from Status Updates Episode 4 Playlist


Bangs – Colonialism

(scene: Opening montage to Audrey and the gang hanging out at the bar, Audrey convinced that she’s having a coded conversation with Jared)

Scarlet Tanager – Bum Bum Bum

(scene: Claire and Paul spy on Maggie and Scott who are very clearly flirting)

Stepdad – My Leather, My Fur, My Nails

(scene: Exterior of bar to Jared and Audrey hanging out at the bar, they talk about local politics)

Cheerleader – Dreamer

(scene: Outro, Jared/Audrey confessional)


Music from Status Updates Episode 5 Playlist


Via Audio – Wanted

(scene: Montage of Los Angeles city lights as Scott is on his way to pick up Maggie)

Beat Radio – Another Loveless Anthem

(scene: Maggie and Scott get into the car)

The Miracals – Oh I Know

(scene: The girls hang out at the café)

Lonesome Ghost – Seashell

(scene: Quick montage of the beach, Scott confesses to the camera that Maggie isn’t the type of girl you can just buy flowers for)

Pepper Rabbit – Tiny Fingers

(scene: Scott needs to apologize to Maggie so he brings her a Bedazzler, she gives him a loving smile and the episode ends)


Music from Status Updates Episode 6 Playlist


Little Racer – The Town

(scene: Montage of Los Angeles traffic, the girls hang out at their regular coffee shop)

Dirty Gold – California Sunrise

(scene: Maggie, Scott, Claire, and Paul drive to go camping, scene ends with shot of Los Angeles sunset)

Murder Mystery – Change My Mind

(scene: The couples still driving to go camping)

Pepper Rabbit – Older Brother

(scene: Maggie and Scott share a “demo size” tent, get cozy together in a way that “just friends” don’t do)

Canon Logic – Dungeon Fallout

(scene: The gang drives back to civilization and has service again, Paul freaks out)

Young Mammals – 8 4 8

(scene: Adurey posted the scandalous photo of herself to Facebook by mistake, she freaks out)


Music from Status Updates Episode 7 Playlist

Long Walks On The Beach – Literally Crazy For You

(scene: Intro song, beach montage)

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – Green Grapes

(scene: Audrey Facebook stalks Jarad and talks to the camera about Kiki)

The Miracals – Give Me a Chance

(scene: Maggie and Scott pack for their picnic)

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – Mexico, ME

(scene: Montage of Scott and Maggie and their budding romantic relationship)

Connor Youngblood – Neon Flicker

(scene: Paul asks Claire if she’s ever thought about getting a tramp stamp)

Handsome Furs – No Feelings

(scene: Paul brags about his “celebrity as bad mom” picture will be his legacy, plays through credits)


Music from Status Updates Episode 8 Playlist


Phantogram – Don’t Move

(scene: Scott and Maggie head to a Phantogram concert, blast their music in the car afterwards)

Shiv Hurrah – Really Not Real

(scene: Jared drops of Audrey after a date, but then nothings go awry when they try to find her phone)

Mates of State – Basement Money

(scene: Jared drives away)

Beat Radio – Golden Age

(scene: Claire break up with Paul, he storms out)


Music from Status Updates Episode 9 Playlist


Vivian Girls – I Can’t Stay

(scene: Paul drives up to Claire’s house to play her the song he wrote)

George Byrne – Paint It Grey

(scene: Claire is lounging in her apartment and sees Paul drive up)

Bronze – Count to Two

(scene: The girls do a Facebook photo shoot)

Kim Novak – Not So Sure

(scene: Stage two of the Facebook break up as explained by Claire)

Marching Band – Okey

(scene: Stage three, Claire tells Maggie and Audrey how to complete the Facebook makeover after a breakup)

The Owsley Brothers – Blood & Fire

(scene: Paul hangs out with Scott at the bar and convinces him to talk to Claire for him)


Music from Status Updates Episode 10 Playlist


Via Audio – Presents

(scene: Opening montage)

Sleeper Agent – That’s My Baby

(scene: Claire, Maggie, Audrey talk about Paul.  Claire is beginning to think she should just get back together with him)

J. Irvin Dally – The Punchbowls

(scene: Claire buys a pregnancy test)

You Won’t – Who Knew

(scene: Scott and Maggie go for a hike)

Lord Huron – The Stranger

(scene: Scott and Maggie have a serious chat, kiss for the first time, Claire contemplates taking the pregnancy test, Audrey sees all the matches for her online, Scott and Maggie sit together looking out on the sunset)

Heavy Young Heathens – Elegy

(scene: Paul and Dwayne drive to alley for an “encounter”)