Music from World of Jenks Season 2 Premiere


Featured Artist:  Apple Horse  | follow: @AppleHorse


World of Jenks – Airdate: March 4, 2013


The Avett Brothers – Kick Drum Heart

(Previously On World of Jenks)

Jeremy Lister – Set Us Free

(Theme Song)

Sleeper Agent – Force A Smile (Was Queen Electric – Everything I See)

(scene: NYC/grand central going to see chad)

Craig Pro – Glimmer of Light

(scene: Chad recap)

Research Material – I’ll Be True To You

(scene: Jenks in grand central talking about Chad)

William Fitzsimmons – Fade And Then Return

(scene: Jenks/Chad heading out of school)

Megha Maan – Go Hard Or Go Him

(scene: Jenks/Chad driving)

Conner Youngblood – Color Blind (I Swear)

(scene: Chad laughing, in car  / Chad crossing bridge at castle)

Apple Horse – Grandfather Clocks

(scene: Chad crossing bridge at castle/playing at castle)

William Fitzsimmons – The Tide Pulls From The Moon

(scene: Jenks asking chad questions in car)

Polycore – Sneaky Groover

(scene: Approaching Amanda’s house)

The Russians – The Ground Below


The Hoodies – Minuet

(scene: Jenks in airport plane/San Fran intro)

Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten

(scene: Kaylin intro)

The Kills – You Don’t Own The Road

(scene: Kaylin Cancer intro)

Fictionist – Tightrope Hills

(scene: Jenks meets Kaylin)

Heavy Young Heathens – The Purple Testament

(scene: Kaylin’s Portfolio)

The Static Jacks – My Parents Lied

(scene: Fashion stuff with Kaylin)

Kovas – Say What

(scene: Intro to Oakland)

Big Swede – Big Bling

(scene: Intro to Dreal dancing)

Kaz Gamble – Big Gamble In Little Cali

(scene: Jenks saw youtube of Dreal)

Slim McMills – Rep For My City

(scene: Jenks talking about Dreal; and Oakland/we meet Dreal)

Jason Medeiros – Mission Thug

(scnee: Oakland talk with Jenks and Dreal/Driving in the car)

D-Real – RIP Rich

(scene: Rich D talk. / Turf Feinz corner./ Dancin in the rain)

Daughter – Home

(scene: Dreal talks about saving Oakland/ Praying for tomorrow. Intro’ing Jenks to Keona and baby)

The Rassle – Born Free

(scene: Dreal baby Keona and Jenks)

William Fitzsimmons – Beautiful Girl

(scene: Meet Amanda)

Catherine Feeny – People In The Hole

(scene: Chad and Jenks talk to Amanda in her  room)

Big Swede – Inside The Danger Zone

(scene: Dance montage)

The Farewell Circuit – Short Term Memory

(scene: Kaylin in San fran telling story about 2nd cancer)

Francois Peglau – One Minute To Midnight Dream

(scene: Kaylin talks abuot first diagnosis)

A Weather – Midday Moon

(scene: Kaylin talks about cancer and being diagnosed)

Trek Life – Last Joint

(scene: Jenks meet Keona and his baby Dominic)

Ladytron – Transparent Days

(scene: Jenks Confessional/Youth Uprising intro)

Kaz Gamble – Skeletons In The Closet

(scene: YU dance class)

The Submarines – The Suns Shines At Night

(scene: Dreal’s dance clase wrap up, confessional)

Nathan Mathes – The Heat And All It’s Worth

(scene: Jenks confessing)

Tarik Nuclothes – Tha Top

(scene: Dreal relays to Jenks some of the horrible aftermath of violence)

Kaz Gamble – Vicious Cycle

(scene: Dreal on violence)

Ocha La Rocha – Sing The People’s Song

(scene: Chad driving with Jenks chad farted/going to chads house)

National Skyline – In Which Ways Come

(scene: Jenks in the confessional talking about  chad’s sleep routine)

The Head & The Heart – Lost In My Mind

(scene: Jenks says goodbye to Chad)

Cloud Control – This Is What I Said

(scene: Jenks and Kaylin head to beach/talk about jenks glasses/cancer talk perspective)

Grownup Noise – The Same, The Same

(scene: Walking down sidewalk talking about remission./confessional)

Atlantic Line – Voyage Home

(scene: Footage from Kaylin’s last scan)

Katie Herzig – Lost and Found

(scene: Show recap / wrap up)


Plain Jane Automobile – Stones

Megha Maan – Let It Go

Florence and The Machine – Shake It Out

Next On World of Jenks

Handsome Furs – When I Get Back

Kaz Gamble – Champions Fire

Megha Maan – Don’t Wanna Go

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