Music from World of Jenks Episode 9 Season 2


Featured Artist: We The Committee

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Atlantic Line “Ghost In Daylight” – Free Download

World of Jenks – Airdate: May 13, 2013

The Literary Greats – Marigolds

(Show open)

Belize – Happen So Fast

(Show open)

Jeremy Lister – Set Us Free

(Theme Song)

Kyven – Hands Down

(scene: Turfs in rehearsal with Flii)

Big Swede – Slow Motion

(Turfs in rehearsal with Flii)

Big Swede – Outlaw

(scene: Turfs in rehearsal with Flii)

Big Swede – Fully Loaded

(scene: Turfs in rehearsal with Flii)

Of Verona – Centipede

(scene: Rehearsal with Mac Miller)

We The Committee – Christine (Part II)

(scene: Flii gives the Turfs a pep talk)

Jump Into The Gospel – Phase (Original Fever)

(scene: Kaylin has a hard time finding a job)

Mike Del Rio – Good To Be Alive

(scene: Kaylin shops for fabric)

Sydney Wayser – Dream It Up

(scene: Kaylin gets ready for her fashion show)

Matt Corby – My False

(scene: Chad finishes up at his job)

Marianas Trench – B Team

(scene: The Mac Miller concert begins)

We The Committee – Elephants

(scene: The Turfs get ready to perform)

DJ D-Real – 1 Shot

(scene: The Turfs perform at the concert)

East River Pipe – Three Ships

(scene: Chad packs up his room)

Nathan Williams – Reaching Higher

(scene: Chad and Jenks pack up his room)

Grizla – City of Gold

(scene: Chad packing up his room)

Erran Baron Cohen – Nails

(scene: Transition to Jenks and Kaylin going to venue to pick out models)

Stuedabakerbrown – Boy and Arrow

(scene: Kaylin interviews models for her fashion show)

Peter, Bjorn and John – Second Chance

(scene: Kaylin and her team work hard to make all the pieces for the fashion show)

Shout Out Out Out – Remind Me In Dark Times

(scene: The Turfs celebrate post performance)

The Literary Greats – Nothing Worth Keeping

(scene: Chad and Jenks have a sleepover)

William Fitzsimmons – Gold In Shadow

(scene: Chad and Jenks at the end of the sleepover)

Kiev – Loot Recovered

(scene: Kaylin and her team continue to work on completing her pieces for the show)

Erran Baron Cohen – zBlood

(scene: Kaylin encounters some rough times)

Glorious Monster – Circles

(scene: Jenks talks to the woman putting on the fashion show)

Atlantic Line – Ghost In Daylight

(scene: Kaylin stresses out before the show)

Robotanists – Wait A Minute Here

(scene: Kaylin confides in Jenks about her stress levels)

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