Music from World of Jenks Episode 8 Season 2


Featured Artist: Jeremy Lister

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Locksley “Take Me There” – Free Download (right click to save)

The New F-O’s  “Show Me” – Free Download (right click to save)

Hell & Lula “Backstage Burden” – Free Download (right click to save)

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World of Jenks – Airdate: May 6, 2013

Summertime Kids – JV

(Show Open)

Heavy Young Heathens – A World of Difference

(Show Open)

Jeremy Lister – Set Us Free

(Theme Song)

The Million Stars – The Heartbeat

(scene: Chad, Jenks and Chad’s family talk about Chad)

The Booze – Derailed and Doublecrossed

(scene: Chad and Jenks go to the gym)

The Booze – Wild One

(scene: Chad and Jenks go to the gym)

Smoove & Turrell – Hard Work

(scene: Jenks and Chad work out at the gym)

Hip Whips – You Make Me Feel So Good

(scene: Chad gets a job)

Jake Troth – 5 to 9

(scene: D-Real and Jenks spend time with D-Real’s family)

Kaz Gamble – Code of the Streets

(scene: The Turf Feinz rehearse)

Deux Process – Take The Dance

(scene: Rehearsal is under way at the studio)

Animal Kingdom – Good Morning

(scene: Keona at work at the coffee shop)

Summertime Kids – JV

(scene: Jenks and Keona talk further)

Humming House – When The Dawn Becomes The Day

(scene: Kaylin and Jenks in New York)

Maverick Sabre – I Need

(scene: Montage of Kaylin in her activities)

Katie Costello – Spiral Down

(scene: Kaylin is sick in her apartment)

Michael Mazochi – Indie

(scene: Jenks goes grocery shopping with Chad’s mom)

Nathan Mathes – On The Well

(scene: Jenks and Chad’s mom talk about how Chad will handle the move)

Kim Divine – Without You

(scene: Chad is displeased with his parents about the move)

Studebakerbrown – Through The Gate

(scene: Kaylin and Jenks in New York)

Steel Phantoms – Bedoin

(scene: Kaylin at work)

Bangs – Slow

(scene: Kaylin receives her comic books)

The Jeanmarie – Vampires Pt. II

(scene: Kaylin looks over the comic books)

Slim McMills – Me N Slim

(scene: Jenks heads over to see the Turf Feinz at rehearsal)

Chancellor Warhol (feat. Particle People & Boss of Nova) – Burn All The Money

(scene: The Turf Feinz begin their dancing)

Danny! – Torture

(scene: Flii cancels the shoot)

Sleep Party People – Everything Has An End

(scene: The Turfs are dejected at the bar)

WU LYF – Crowns For Me & Your Friends

(scene: The Turf Feinz are downtrodden at the bar)

Helen Austin – Little Strange

(scene: Jenks invites Chad to meet his parents)

Nikki Lang – Feel Better

(scene: Jenks and Chad have a heated discussion)

Locksley – Take Me There

(scene: Transition from Chad to Jenks flying to see D-Real)

Colleen Green – Green One

(scene: Jenks traveling to see D-Real)

The New F-O’s  – Show Me

(scene: D-Real rehearses with Flii)

Cloud Cult – It’s What You Need

(scene: Kaylin is on the Stupid Cancer Show)

Hell & Lula – Backstage Burden

(scene: Kaylin and Jenks at the interview)

The Diamond Light – Dusty Walls

(scene: Kaylin on the radio with the Stupid Cancer Show)

Reachback – Butterflies

(scene: Kaylin and Jenks leave after the show)

Summer Fiction – By The Sea

(scene: Chad and Jenks in the car going to meet Jenk’s parents)

Helen Austin – Wonderful Day

(scene: Chad arrives at Jenk’s parents house)

Nathan Mathes – Reaching and Bracing On The Stool

(scene: Chad talks to Jenk’s family)

Lindsay Katt – My Happy

(scene: Jenks and Chad in the playground talking)

Luke Rathborne – Tomorrow

(Show wrap up)

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