Music from World of Jenks Episode 7 Season 2

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Featured Artist:  Cloud Control

World of Jenks – Airdate: April 22, 2013

Heavy Young Heathens – Elegy

Jeremy Lister – Set Us Free

(Theme Song)

Heavy Young Heathens – Judgement Night

(scene: Leaving diner)

Tim Miller – Heaven Only Knows

(scene: Sherry and jenks in park talking about being overweight)

The Head and The Heart – Winter Song

(scene: Sherry talking about weight in the park)

Steel Phantoms – Short Stuff

(scene: Kaylin and Jenks around the city)

Cloud Cult – Million Things

(scene: Kaylin heading to California and goes to hospital)

Stealing Signs – Stampede

(scene: KAYLIN leaving the hospital and hanging out in Sacramento)

Hook Moon – Blood Stone

(scene: Hanging out at kaylins moms house)

Marcus Scott – Baller Playboy

(scene: fight at 24/7)

The Centennial – Sleep When We’re Dead

(scene: Everyone being told to leave 24/7)

J.Viewz (feat. Kelli Scarr) – Oh Somethings Quiet

(scene: dreal complaining and leaving 24/7)

LoveLock – The Fog

(scene: Jenks going through footage from fight)

We The Committee – This Won’t End Quietly

(scene: Traveling to Oakland)

Laura DiStasi – Covered In Snow

(scene: Jenks talking to Chonkie and Dreal in park)

The Blakes – Batista

(scene: Kaylin talking about scan week and cancer comic book)

Branden Daniel & The Chics – Mor Yay

(scene: Talking about comic book getting published and going to meet publisher)

Apple Horse – Grandfather Clocks

(scene: Leaving publisher and talking about more cancer)

Helen Austin – Fall Apart

(scene: Chad not looking forward to Doctor)

Kina Grannis – Delicate

(scene: Going to the doctor and Jenks talking about Chad behavior)

The Farewell Circuit – The Inexorable March of Time

(scene: Finishing up with doctor)

Cloud Control – My Fear #2

(scene: Chad leaving the doctor)

The Farewell Circuit – Things We Lost

(scene: Chad family talking in the car blaming themselves for Chad being overweight)

Ingrid Gerdes – Can’t Take Anymore

(scene: Waking up at Dreals)

Ingrid Gerdes – Shed

(scene: Going to Juvie

Olafur Arnalds – thur Ert Jordin

(scene: At Juvie – Kevin talking to kids)

Laura Distaci – Colors And Shapes

(scene: At Juvie talking to kids)

Family of the Year – Find It

(scene: Finishing up with Juvie speech transition into Kaylin)

Luke Reynolds – One Step At A Time

(scene: Transition to Kaylin and to the doctor)

The Narrative – Libra

(scene: Kaylin at doctor with picture montage)

Cloud Cult – Hurricane And Fire Survival Guide

(scene: Finishing off hospital and then Kaylin and Jenks go zip lining)

Van Go Lion – Lovestruck Masochist

(scene: JENKS AND CHAD WALKING AND talking about dieting and getting better)

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