Music from World of Jenks Episode 6 Season 2


Featured Artist:  Kit Oh Nein!


World of Jenks – Airdate: April 15, 2013

Alex Nackman – Burn From The Rockets

(scene: open intro with three characters)

Jeremy Lister – Set Us Free

(Theme Song)

Helen Austin – People Places

(scene: Chad tells Jenks his breath smells transition into farm scene)

The Mansion Boys (feat. Boom Batt) – Pop The Top

(scene: turf feinz in LA)

Megha Maan – The Maan Is Back

(scene: turfs performing on stage)

Young Empires – White Doves

(scene: something special is happening flii has plans for the guys. Picture montage)

!MAYDAY! – Broads & Freqs

(scene: Kaylin in new york talking about like in Ny shes never been this broke)

Neal Carlson – The Other Side

(scene: rachel antinoff montage)

Kit Oh Nein! – Cloud Nein

(scene: new york montage and kaylin going to interview with rachel antinoff)

The Rentals – July Twenty One

(scene: kaylin interview montage)

Elaine Faye – Xs and Os

(scene: end of interview. Kaylin is validated)

Katie Herzig – Best Day Of Your Life

(scene: meeting the animals, fun around the farm)

Apple Horse – Filthy Halls

(scene: travel montage)

Jake Troth – Alexandra

(scene: D-Real back from LA with his family)

The Nick Tree Band – The Underestimation of Denial

(scene: Jenks and D-Real walk to visit D-Real’s mom)

Tim Miller – Remember This Day

(scene: D-Real’s mother)

Stealing Signs – Write This Down

(scene: NYC montage, at Antonoff internship)

Sleeper Agent – Get It Daddy

(scene: kaylin fitting the author for the book release)

Elaine Faye – Get Back Up

(scene: kaylin and jenks look for swatches)

Cloud Cult – Take Your Medicine

(scene: exhausting day completed)

Bangs – Catacombs

(scene: nyc to chad transition montage)

Kina Grannis – Valentine

(scene: chad at warehouse, grocery store)

The Rassle – Full Speed Ahead

(scene: end of interview at pizza shop that went well)

Stealing Signs – Aquila

(scene: sitting down with kaylin)

Alexander Webb – Prove Me Wrong

(scene: jenks talking about kaylins situation and how positive she tries to be)

The Racoons – Be My Television

(scene: trunk show!!!!)

Young Mennace – Over The Edge

(scene: jenks talks about dreals mom and baby and girlfriend at event)

Marcus Scott – I Love The Dough

(scene: beginning of dance battle)

Chase & Status – Flashing Lights

(scene: turf feinz dance battle)

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