Music from World of Jenks Episode 5 Season 2


Featured Artist:  Kyle Andrews


World of Jenks – Airdate: April 8, 2013

Ostrich Head – Sun City

(scene: Whoa J talk)

All Mankind – I Am Only

(scene: Talking about his past and who he lived with and then quick melange of all three characters)

Jeremy Lister – Set Us Free

(Theme Song)

Arnold Albury & The Casuals – Funky Yolk

(scene: Outside Dreals house inside with baby.  Dreal is ansty)

Young Mennace – Fall Out Of Love

(scene: D-real gets a call from Flii Stylz)

Deux Process – Back To Business

(scene: Happy after call)

Megha Maan – Have A Nice Day

(scene: Dancing in the airport)

Boy & Bear – Golden Jubilee


Kina Grannis – The Goldfish Song

(scene: Swimming and stuff/transition to talking to mom)

Amy Stroup – This Could Kill Me

(scene: Warehouse showing chad around. Jenks talking about it)

Kyle Andrews – Don’t Feel Left Out

(scene: Chad talks about not working in factory)

Robotanists – Slow Motion

(scene: Jenks talking about traveling)

Kiev – Found! The Real Found

(scene: Jenks feelign kaylin out kaylin getting sick going to emergency room)

The Avery Set – Bible Belt

(scene: Chad looking for jobs)

Kina Grannis  – World In Front Of Me

(scene: The interviewer said he setup some interviews)

Amtrac – Control

(scene: Transition – traveling with D-real)

Megha Maan – Up So High

(scene: Getting to LA with turf feinz)

The High Life – We Came To Rock

(scene: Choreographed by flii stylz)

The Mansion Boys – Go Out Tonight

(scene: Everyone getting ready to go out)

Megha Maan – Go Hard Or Go Home

(scene: Going to the club)

Robotanists – The Ghost You’re Haunting

(scene: Kaylin in emergency room)

Cloud Cult – Hope

(scene: Kaylin going into emergency room)

Cloud Cult – Everybody Here Is A Cloud

(scene: Kaylin in emergency room)

Kina Grannis – In Your Arms

(scene: Interviewing anxiety and introductions interview)

Robotanists – Getting By

(scene: Chad failing interview)

Kina Grannis – Heart And Mind

(scene: Jenks talking about chad and chad trying different jobs)

Luke Rathborne – Dog Years

(scene: Ending job interview)

More Than Lights – Without A Home

(scene: D-real transition talking in the car)

Tinie Tempah – Written In The Stars

(scene: Guys react to being on KISS FM)

Katie Herzig – Ides of March

(scene: Kaylin emergency room all night text from Kaylin)

The Special K’s – V

(scene: Back in Kaylins apartment talking about cramping)

Cloud Cult – The Ghost Inside Our House

(scene: Revelation that Kaylin could be able to get pregnant)

Next On

The Diamond Light – Oh Yeah

(scene: Next time – Chad)

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