Music from World of Jenks Episode 4 Season 2

Amy Crawford photo by Marvin Joseph

Featured Artist: Amy Crawford

World of Jenks – Airdate: March 25, 2013

Cloud Cult – It’s What You Need

(Intro open with all characters)

Jeremy Lister – Set Us Free


Sick Of Sarah – Daisies

(scene: Jenks traveling and talking about going to colleges)

Megha Maan & Jumpshot Jones – Hey Young World

(scene: Kaylin Transition)

Amy Crawford & The Electric – Oh, Blackbird

(scene: NY broll Kaylin and Jenks on subway and moving around the city. Looking for work)

Big Swede – Dirty Grand

(scene: Hanging out with dreal and the baby)

Ill Kidd – The Cut

(scene: Playing basketball talking about turf feinz)

Air Dubai – Restless Youth

(scene: Playing basketball talking about turf feinz)

Nick Waterhouse – Is That Clear

(scene: Dreal and Jenks visit Town Hall in Oakland)

Alexandria Maillot – Just Another Girl

(scene: Jenks and Dreal in town hall)

Cloud Cult – Thanks

(scene: Talk with Kevin about walking streets)

The Special K’s – Breakout

(scene: Kevin talking to Dreal and Jenks)

Kiev – Layered Line

(scene: Kaylin in her apartment)

Robotanists – Getting By

(scene: Kaylin and Jenks hanging out)

Cloud Cult – Made Up Your Mind

(scene: Finishing off hanging with Kaylin)

Kim Divine – Blue Skies

(scene: Parents and jenks tlak about chads graduating)

Morgan Laurence – Come On! Come On!

(scene: Leaving for graduation. Practicing the speech in the car)

Ty Hall – Something Like That

(scene: Chad talking in old video. He’s a nervous wreck. Getting ready for graduation)

Helen Austin – No Plans

(scene: Over picture card)

3D Friends – One Day I Know

(scene: Jenks chatting with dreal on the street)

Lanterns On The Lake – I Love You, Sleepyhead

(scene: Jenks sees Dreal unhappy Dreal up at night. Then going to white cross)

The Rentals – February Ten

(scene: Dreal crying about his brother. Then coming back to house to see baby)

Satellite Stories – Helsinki Art Scene

(scene: Kaylin and matt and jenks at bar)

Tracey Morgan – It’s Like That

(scene: Kaylin and matt and jenks at bar)

AgesandAges – So So Freely

(scene: Jenks matt and kaylin heading home from bar to jenks apt)

Jake Troth – Material Things

(scene: matt and kaylin and jenks talking about growing up in jenks apt)

Jeremy Messersmith – Miracles

(scene: matt and kaylin and jenks talking about growing up in jenks apt)

The New F-O’s – Feel Good

(scene: Difficult few days with dreal. Kevin talking to folks)

Dreal – Rely Gofin

(scene: dreal dancing)

Kaz Gamble – Skeletons In the Closet

(scene: Dreal and jenks and kevin walking streets at night)

N.E.P.H.E.W – Lights Camera Action

(scene: Jenks and Dreal on corner his brother was shot at)

The Rassle – Born Free

(scene: dreal talking to someone about his brother)

Stars Go Dim – Come Around

(scene: Chad does his speech and Chad graduates)

Army Navy – The Long Goodbye

(scene: Chad saying goodbye to people at school)

The Narrative – Waiting

(OUTRO with three characters)

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