Music from World of Jenks Episode 3 Season 2


Featured Artist:  Family of the Year

World of Jenks – Airdate: March 18, 2013

Trek Life – Mind Right

(Recap of 2nd episode)

More Than Lights – Bring The Heat

(Recap of 2nd episode)

Jeremy Lister – Set Us Free

(Theme Song)

Apple Horse – Frames

(scene: Jenks talking about dating)

Jackson Monsour – Replacin Pain

(scene: Chad routine going to school)

Ingrid Gerdes – Move

(scene: Chad at start of gym class)

Heavy Young Heathens – Time Enough To Last

(scene: Chad in gym/on scooter board)

The Booze – Wild One

(scene: Chad playing kickball)

Helen Austin – No Plans

(scene: Teacher talking about Chadl leaving school, Jenks confessional)

Family of The Year – Hero

(scene: Chad tying shoe with teacher)

Mike Classic (feat. Tolu) – Heart Of the Wave

(scene: Keona and D-Real talk about their relationship)

Fictionist  -Always

(scene: Mom talking about Dom)

Delilah – I Can Feel You

(scene: Mom crying about losing son)

Heavy Young Heathens – The Arrival

(scene: Intro to Kaylin – San Francisco B-Roll, Jenks confessional/Kaylin and weed)

The Literary Greats – Nightowl

(scene: Drug talk with Kaylin)

Jackson Monsour – If I Could

(scene: Kaylin ordering weed)

Michael Mazochi – Mama Raj

(scene: Guy delivers Kaylin’s weed)

Morgan Laurence – Makeshift Phones

(scene: Chad and Jenks peeing)

The Farewell Circuit – We Usually Get Up

(scene: Chad talking with guidance counselor)

Helen Austin – I Can’t Cry

(scene: Chad leaves room)

The Futureheads – Struck Dumb

(scene: Transiton to Kaylin last night in San Fran Party)

The Futureheads – The Chaos

(scene: Kaylin Party)

Kaz Gamble – Aerial Arrayal

(scene: cover track to cover MGMT – Electric Feel at Kaylin’s party)

The Joy Formidable – Austere

(scene: Kaylin Party  friends talking about Kaylin)

More Than Lights – The Electric Prescription

(scene: Kaylin party)

!MAYDAY! – No 1’s Lookin

(scene: Lunch with the turf feinz bowling)

Autovein – Come To You

(scene: Jenks and chad talking in car)

Helen Austin – Stuck To You

(scene: Chad sleep patterns/talk about anxiety)

Wes Charlton – Worry

(scene: Chad and Jenks talk about graduating in field)

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Going Up The Country

(scene: Setting up tent)

Eugene & The 1914 – California

(scene: San Fran Everyone packing getting ready to leave)

Typhoon – Starting Over

(scene: Still packing leaving airport)

The Submarines – Ivaloo

(scene: Chatting in airport Jenks talking about Kaylin)

Stars Go Dim – Crazy

(scene: Change over to stars go dim)

Next On World of Jenks

Kaz Gamble – Vicious Cycle

Erran Baron Cohen – Phoenix

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