Music from World of Jenks Episode 2 Season 2


Featured Artist: KOVAS


World of Jenks – Airdate: March 11, 2013

Stealing Signs – Batteries

(Scene: Previously On)

Jeremy Lister – Set Us Free


Ace Jones – Change Gonna Come (It’s A Mad Mad)

(Scene: Chad getting a haircut)

Ocha La Rocha – Westward

(Scene: End of haircut)

William Fitzsimmons – Blood and Bones

(Scene: Chad finishing up getting dressed for prom)

Helen Austin – Happy

(Scene: Intro into scene with baby)

Jeremy Messersmith – Love You To Pieces

(Scene: Talking about dreals brother dreal and jenks on the porch talking)

Computer Vs. Banjo – 2 Bend Is 2 Bleed

(Scene: Dreal talking more about baby and shot of baby and dreal and jenks on porch)

The Jeanmarie – Delancey Street

(Scene: Walking with truf feinz and dreal teaching)

Olafur Arnalds – Thu Ert Sol

(Scene: Talking about when battle supposed to start talking about battle)

Pilot Cloud – In Transition

(Scene: Kaylin san fran shots. Jenks talking about kaylin scans)

Stars Go Dim – Hoping For Tomorrow

(Scene: Kaylin getting results of her scan)

Tango In The Attic – One Step Away

(Scene: Going to the state fair)

Asia Whiteacre – Next To you

(Scene: Amandas house before prom)

New Found Land – The Bell

(Scene: Jenks running talking about living with Kaylin and talking about comic book)

The Filthy Violets – Collection

(Scene: Blog intro and comic intro)

The Submarines – Shoelaces

(Scene: Comic book stuff)

Knock ‘Em Alive – American Roulette

(Scene: Comic book story)

Kram – I Been Waiting

(Scene: Comic book story)

The Submarines – Where You Are

(Scene: John talking about comic book. Cat iceman)

Kovas – Ready

(Scene: Dance battle begins /prep)

Marcus Scott – In My Hood

(Scene: Dance battle continues.  Jenks talks about violence)

Jeremy Messersmith – Franklin Avenue

(Scene: Meeting kaylins family. Mom and sister)

Said The Whale – False Creek Change

(Scene: Picture montage of kaylin and talking about kaylin growing up)

Jessie Murphy– Black Diamond

(Scene: News of cancers diagnosis. As per mom)

Helen Austin – Nearly Dry

(Scene: Kaylin talking about childhood)

Grey Reverend – Everlasting Everything

(Scene: Kaylin and sister talk about family)

Marcus Scott – In My Hood

(Scene: People going into dance battle jenks asked to be judge)

Nathan Wilkes – Strange Feeling

(Scene: End of dance battle)

Nathan Mathes – The Heat and All It’s Worth

(Scene: Chad having anxiety in the limo)

National Skyline – When I’m Alone

(Scene: Jenks talking about chads anxiety)

Janine The Machine – Close Your Eyes

(Scene: Chad at prom and stressing out)

The Quiet Celebrations – Sailing Away

(Scene: Dancing and having fun at the prom)

Chrishan – Do It Better

(Scene: Dancing with amanda at the prom)

Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love

(Scene: Dancing with amanda at the prom)

The Outerlys – Into The Rough

(Scene: Dancing with amanda at the prom)

Autovein – Come To You

(Scene: Chad/Kaylin coming up)

Bruce Connole – Can’t Find my Way

(Scene: Kaylin/Chad coming up)