Music from Washington Heights Episode 9


Featured Artist: The New F-O’s  | follow:  @TheNewFOs


Washington Heights – Airdate: February 27, 2013

Nylon Pink – Hello Drama

(Cold Open)

Arama  – Don’t You Bring Me Down

(scene: The gang goes bowling)

Amalie Bruun – Siren

(scene: Eliza and Taylor meet up and catch up)

Brianna James – Karma

(Scene switch from Eliza and Taylor chatting to Rico doing pull-ups)

Allie Lamb – Therapy

(scene: Rico says he wants to join JP on tour to meet girls)

Choc Quib Town – Mi Musica

(scene: Reyna and her sisters throw their mom a birthday party)

Anna Madison – Love is the Reason

(scene: Frankie shows up at the restaurant for her date with Kelvis)

Polica (ft Mike Noyce) – Lay Your Cards Out

(scene: Frankie waits for Kelvis to show up for their date; he ends up bailing last minute leaving her alone at the table)

Northern League – Sexy Girl

(scene: Taylor is modeling clothes for a photo shoot)

Eryn Woods – Get it, Get it

(scene: Second round of clothes at Taylor’s photo shoot)

Annelise Collette – You

(scene: Frankie, Reyna and Taylor have lunch)

Royce Da 5’9” – Count for Nothing

(scene: The Whole Gang plays a game of touch football in the park)

Jessie Chambers – The Way it Goes

(scene: Rico, JP and Ludwin get pizza)

Faded Paper Figures – Polaroid Solution

(scene: The boys tell Ludwin he should call things off with Frankie)

Audubon – Let it All Go

(scene: JP performs upstate at a school to great response)

Ohmega Watts (ft Lightheaded) – Roc the Bells

(scene: JP exits the school and celebrates his check in the parking lot)

Polica – Amongster

(scene: Reyna makes up with her dad after being upset that he missed her first performance)

The New F-O’s – Tomorrow

(scene: Rico is at the batting cages with Jimmy)

You I Need – Waiting (The Pelican Theif Remix)

(scene: After Frankie and Ludwin decide to ‘just be,’ they walk off arm in arm)

Riot in Paris  – The Last Night

(scene: Reyna expresses some doubt to Frankie and Ludwin’s new agreement)

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