Music from Washington Heights Episode 8

Andrew Belle (WEB)


Featured Artist: Andrew Belle  | follow:  @AndrewBelle


Washington Heights – Airdate: February 20, 2013

Andrew Belle – I’ll Be Your Breeze

(scene: Eliza and Anneliese finish talking, scene switches to JP recording a video)

Audubon – No Wind

(scene: JP records a music video)

JJAMZ – Get What You Want

(scene: The gang gets on the subway en route to Coney Island for the day from Washington Heights)

Daddy Yankee (feat. Emelee) – Lose Control

(scene: The gant spends the day at Coney Island riding roller coasters and having fun)

The Vacations – Back in the Days

(scene: The gang plays around at Coney Island)

The New F-O’s – The Wall

(scene: Jimmy and Reyna walk back to the group after reconciling)

Andrew Belle – Signs of Life

(scene: Ludwin talks with Frankie, Fred and JP on the stairs)

Jessie Chambers – Cheers 2 U

(scene: JP grabs lunch with Taylor and Reyna)

SL Jones – Just Like That

(scene: JP, his manager and some friends head downtown for some gigs)

Audubon – Parent Trap

(scene: JP tries to perform at a whack spot in Queens but there are technical difficulties)

Twenty One Pilots – Migraine

(scene: Jimmy and Rico are throwing a baseball in a field on a nice day)

Jake Troth – Alexandra

(scene: Rico and Jimmy finish their heart to heart, transition to Reyna, Frankie and Taylor at a restaurant)

Y Luv – Earthquakes

(scene: Taylor and Reyna tell Frankie they’re going to set her up)

City Rain – Watch Out (Les Professionnels Remix)

(scene: The guys all head to Karma to watch JP perform)

Audubon – Post Card

(scene: JP performs at Karma)

AltRego & Baldylox – Babysteps

(scene: An A&R guy approaches JP after his performance and says he wants to hear more)

Skully Boyz – Poppin Bottles

(scene: The whole gang gathers at Frankie P’s for a night out with pizza, the girls bring a guy to set Frankie up)

Fightskool – Go Get it

(scene: Frankie and Kelvis start to hit it off)

Audubon – No Wind

(scene: Audubon plays his new music video for everyone)

Kovas – Hello Bright Lights

(scene: Ludwin doesn’t like watching Frankie flirting with another guy in front of his face)

Vassals – 7&6

(scene: JP and Reyna are chatting with Frankie)

Young Murph the Kidd – Buddy Love

(scene:Ludwin and Fred talk about how its messed up Frankie was flirting in front of him)

God-Des & She – Love Machine

(scene: Shots of the city finds us at Frankie P waiting for the A&R exec to come by)

Elliphant – Ciant Hear It

(scene: The A&R rep isn’t impressed with JP’s music once he comes up and gets a better listen)

Moxie Black – Anxious

(scene: Jimmy and Eliza get in a fight, Eliza cries)

AltRego & Baldylox (feat. Anna Speller) – Knock Knock

(scene: Jimmy & Eliza continue fighting on the street)

Chancellor Warhol (feat. Meredith Mazie) – Wings

(scene: Eliza and Jimmy break up)

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