Music from Washington Heights Episode 6

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Miguel is Guest Music Supervisor for tonight’s episode of Washington Heights!

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Washington Heights – Airdate: February 6, 2013

 Kovas  – Wax On, Wax Off

(scene: Previously On, leads into Manny and Reyna walking down the street to the grocery store)

Thundercat – Is It Love?

(scene: Frankie and Ludwin have a bit of a disagreement over Ludwin going to school)

Jessie Chambers – American Daze

(scene: JP, Jimmy and Jimmy’s friend head to the batting cages where they play around)

Electric Valentine – The Opposite of Name Dropping

(scene: Reyna and Manny are at their place and Reyna plays her new track for Manny)

Miguel – Adorn

(scene: Reyna cooks food for Manny)

Hyro Da Hero – Back in the Day

(scene: Jimmy walks into a new job opportunity at a dentist’s office for an interview)

Cuarto Poder – Solo Tu Tienes La Llave

(scene: Jimmy tries to solicit people on the street to come into the Dentist’s office)

Making Friendz – Situation

(scene: Fred’s boss has an opening at his store and he brings the friends along to enjoy a party)

CONCEPT (ft. Philly Slim) – I’m Back

(scene: Jimmy hands out flyers and tries to solicit patients, JP comes to visit him)

Rob Scott – Astronaut

(scene: Taylor tells Randy she doesn’t want to see Frankie get her heart broken)

Skully Boyz – Summer Party

(scene: Taylor has a big BBQ that everyone comes to)

Dom Kennedy – My Type of Party

(scene: Diana shows up and Ludwin tells Fred he texted her earlier but doesn’t want to speak to her now)

This is She – Brace Myself

(scene: Jimmy tells JP he knows its his last chance at making the baseball thing work, they watch the fireworks)

Northern League – Private Dancer

(scene: Jimmy arrives home with dinner for him and Eliza and says he’s been working a lot)

Moxie Black – Out Her Space

(scene: Reyna asks JP if he’s ready to change their world, he says he is)

ChokoDiscoManiac (ft. Sheldon Speed)  – Fire

(scene: Scene transition, shots of Jimmy at baseball practice)

Chancellor Warhol (ft Particle Peeple & Boss of Nova) – Burn all the Money

(scene: Eliza tells Jimmy to aks his job about going to the baseball tournament; Jimmy thanks Eliza for her support)

Silver Medallion – Silver Screen

(scene: The cast is at Ludwin’s apartment cooking a meal together)

Donora – Shhh

(scene: JP says Frankie goes to sex church; scene transitions to Taylor and Ludwin walking in a park and finding a seat to stop and chat)

Madi Diaz – Heartbeat

(scene: Taylor says one day Ludwin and Frankie will need to go all in or call it all off)

Jessie Chambers – Stages

(scene: Reyna and Manny kiss, Fred and Ludwin walk down the street and start talking about girls)

AMiR – Real Love

(scene: Jimmy and Eliza sit down to eat and Jimmy says he has a lot on his mind)

Falcon – Spell Out My Love

(scene: JP and Frankie are chilling on the stoop talking about JP’s album, Rico approaches)

Megha Maan – She Like Me

(scene: Frankie says she’s good when it comes to Ludwin but doesn’t sound so sure; Reyna Manny and Eckz meet JP in the studio to record Reyna’s song)

Hannibal LEQ – Not the Same

(scene: Jimmy learns he’s not in the lineup for the baseball tournament and talks to the coach about it)

beatnich Generation – a lot on your mind

(scene: Jimmy calls Eliza after the game to tell her he’s disappointed he didn’t get played)

Classified – That Ain’t Classy

(scene: Reyna enters the studio to record her song for the first time)

Reyna – If I Could Go

(scene: Reyna reocrds her song)

Falcon – Know Ya

(scene: Reyna asks Manny for feedback on how well she did in the studio)

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