Music from Washington Heights Episode 7

Washington Heights - Jasmine Ash

Featured Artist: Jasmine Ash | follow: @jasmineash


Washington Heights – Airdate: February 13, 2013

Audubon  – Riot

(scene: views of the city, we find JP working in the studio with Frankie P)

Reyna – If I Could Go

(scene: Reyna hears her finalized track for the first time)

Glowbug – Run Like Hell

(scene: Images of the city, Frankie and Fred walking into a bar to talk to the owners about throwing a showcase)

Kimberly Nicole – Wishes in the Dark

(scene: Fred and Frankie sign on board for the showcase)

Young Murph the Kidd feat. Clyde Carson & Casey K – Early Birds

(scene: Eliza finishes getting a tattoo; Reyna runs into her dad in Frankie’s building)

The Woodlands – In the Dark on Monday (Heavy Hands Remix)

(scene: Reyna talks to Frankie about how her parents split up and she’s sad)

Mnkeywrench – Man Down

(scene: JP and Jimmy have a heart to heart)

Rose Hart – Goodbye

(scene: Frankie has the gang over to discuss the showcase)

You I Need – In the Air

(scene: Reyna and Manny meet up for lunch)

Jillian Rhys – Summer Love

(scene: Reyna thanks Manny for making her a better person)

Cuarto Poder – Arenita Playita

(scene: Jimmy’s baseball game; Eliza watches and they kiss through the fence)

Grieves – Heartbreak Hotel

(scene: Jimmy and Eliza talk after the game and Eliza scolds Jimmy for not telling her about schools he applied to)

Young Murph the Kidd – January Dreams

(scene: It’s nighttime and Eliza meets up with Taylor)

Jasmine Ash – Hard Times

(scene: Eliza opens up to Taylor about her troubles with Jimmy, then we see Reyna on the roof talking to her sister about her parents’ situation)

Alpine – Villages

(scene: Jimmy and Eliza have an emotional conversation about breaking up and it ends with Jimmy walking out)

Action Bronson – Cirque du Soleil

(scene: Reyna and Jimmy run into Reyna’s dad on the street)

JohnnyAstro – Lost of Time

(scene: Jimmy talks to JP and Rico about his baseball and relationship problems)

Charles Bradley feat. Menahan Street Band – How Long

(scene: Jimmy and Eliza walk, Jimmy says they are going through a lot and it’s not working out)

Grieves – Falling From You

(scene: Eliza starts crying and she and Jimmy agree they need space)

Classified – Passion

(scene: Frankie finishes Reyna’s makeup before their performance and everyone gets into place for the show)

Project Lionheart feat. Fama – Can’t Stop Me

(scene: Shots of the different performers at the showcase Fred and Frankie put together)

You I Need – Lost or Found

(scene: In a break from the show, Eliza talks about how awkward it is that her and Jimmy are both there and not talking)

Reyna – If I Could Go

(scene: Reyna performs her song for the first time ever)

Village Psychic – Alright

(scene: Reyna rejoices after knocking out her first performances, the crowd cheers)

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