Music from Washington Heights Episode 5

Featured Artist: Aesop Rock | follow:  @AesopRockWins

Washington Heights – Airdate: January 30, 2013

Rob Scott – Soprano

(scene: Taylor and Reyna walk into Frankie’s and Taylor and Frank are wearing the same color shirt)

Glowbug – Young America

(scene: Barbara comes in to talk to JP)

Phive – Once Upon A Time in Vegas

(scene: JP says he’s going to pay the electricity bill, B-roll, Frankie heads over to Ludwin’s place to find him with a nice new mustache)

Atmosphere – The Last to Say

(scene: Ludwin cries over his brother Alexis as Frankie tries to console him)

Bodega Girls – Blackout!

(scene: JP Ludwin and the guys look onward at the weird spectacle at the venue, scantily clad women and a muscular dude dance for the crowd)

Audubon – Candy Rain

(scene: JP performs)

Kovas – Grape Drank

(scene: Ludwin’s planning a skate jam. Rico & Reyna are working out in the park)

Eryn – Get it Get it

(scene: The girls leave to go to Tatiana’s birthday, B-roll, everyone arrives at the restaurant for drinks)

Das Racist – Michael Jackson

(scene: Everyone at the party takes pictures, then Ludwin and JP compare chest hair)

Emily Wells – Johnny Cash’s Mama’s House (Dan the Automator Remix)

(scene: Tatiana says she loves everyone there, b-roll, Ludwin is talking to his mom and says he misses Alexis)

Phive  – When it All Comes Down

(scene: Reyna and Tatiana continue to argue, Renya gets upset and goes in her room)

Phive – Girls On Fire

(scene: Ludwin’s skate jam, Frankie arrives, JP skates around)

Felt  – Whaleface

(scene: Ludwin says its good because these kids think skateboarding is everything)

Aesop Rock – Grace

(scene: The competition begins, shots of kids skating, Rico makes a joke about rollerblades, kids cheer for kid skating)

Terminill – Dreamers (Caitlin Cardier)

(scene: Ludwin gets up and gets dressed. He meets JP & Fred on the corner and they all head to the subway to go to Alexis’s sentencing)

The Beatards – Destiny

(scene: Frankie and Taylor meet on sidewalk and talk about Ludwin)

Northern League – Gone in Sixty Seconds

(scene: Reyna arrives at JP’s where he and Frankie are hanging out)

Zola Jesus – Skin

(scene: Reyna opens up about her issues with her family and living with them, and says it hurts her. JP asks what she plans to do)

Glowbug  – Smoke Eyes

(scene: JP and his mom head to park to sit and talk)

Madi Diaz  – Look Right Through It

(scene: Reyna is at Manny’s apartment and they are kissing)

Felt – Henrietta Longbottom

(scene: JP & the crew make their way into Crimson and everyone is partying, having a good time)

Audubon – Super Loud

(scene: JP performs at Crimson)

Audubon – Candy Rain

(scene: Girls doing laundry, cuts back to JP performing Candy Rain at Crimson)

Anime Boyz – Get it Poppin

(scene: Danny hands JP money for the performance, they head back in to celebrate the money)

Grits – Say Goodbye

(scene: JP & his mom sit down at lunch so he can give her some money)

Jupiter Rising  – Go!

(scene: JP tells his mom he’s lucky to have her, B-roll, Fred arrives at Ludwin’s and they head up to the roof to talk)

Zola Jesus – Lick the Palm of the Burning Handshake

(scene: Ludwin talks to Fred about Frankie and says he doesn’t want to date her and ruin their friendship)

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