Music from Washington Heights Episode 4


Featured Artist:  Zola Jesus | follow: @ZolaJesus

Washington Heights – Airdate: January 23, 2013

Pretty Willie – My Day

(scene: Randy and Taylor head to the park for a picnic, he asks her about her birthday)

Faded Paper Figures – Metropolis

(scene: Ludwin gets ready as Frankie is laying in bed; they make cupcakes in his kitchen)

The Midi Mafia – Birthday Song

(scene: The gang all gathers for a birthday party for Taylor at one of their apartments)

Blaqstarr – Hold On

(scene: Taylor is presented with cupcakes and blows out the candles)

Janine the Machine – This is the Life

(scene: Taylor and Ludwin are walking down the street and run into Ludwin’s grandmother)

Emilio Rojas – Don’t Go

(scene: Ludwin tells Conrad that his brother used to be in jail and is about to go back)

QueSt – Darkest Before Dawn

(scene: Ludwin tells Rico its tough being a big brother worrying about the younger ones)

Concept (Feat Philly Slim) – Here I Go Again

(scene: Ludwin and Fred laugh over Ludwin’s girl problems)

JohnnyAstro – Lost in Mullan

(scene: The teacher gives the class a lesson when the game is done; Ludwin, Fred and Rico go to an alleyway to chill and drink)

Timeflies – Turn it Up

(scene: JP talks to Rico about his falling out with Fred)

Mr. Robotic – Welcome to the Good Life

(scene: Grandma talks about how she’d like to see Alexis on a better path and asks if Ludwin can do anything to help his brother; Reyna, Taylor and Frankie are sitting on the roof talking)

Falcon – Bout Us

(scene: Frankie starts crying about a previous relationship and vows not to let herself get hurt again)

Hannibal LEQ – I’m Ready

(scene: Alexis tells Ludwin what’s done is done and that he must face his jail time)

Zola Jesus – Lightstick

(scene: Ludwin finishes telling Frankie he doesn’t want to hurt her, they sit awkwardly in bed)

NoTrace – Who I Am

(scene: Fred and Rico both cry a little as they reconcile)

Das Racist (Feat. Danny Brown and Despot) – Power

(scene: Ludwin asks a girl to dance)

Elliphant – Down on Life

(scene: Frankie walks into the club and sees Ludwin dancing with a girl and turns and leaves)

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