Music from Washington Heights Episode 3

Featured Artist: Grieves | follow: @GrievesMusic

Washington Heights – Airdate: January 16, 2013

Moxie Black – Youth

(scene: Ludwin says he hopes his brother does well for himself; Rico, Fred and family sit down in a restaurant and discuss their mom’s plans to leave the city)

Timeflies – Everything I Do

(scene: Rico and his family fight over the check; Frankie and Reyna are talking in the park)

The New F-O’s – Feel Good

(scene: Frankie starts to perform and, in a separate scene, Ludwin is getting ready for his graduation. Scenes cut back and forth to one another until Frankie is done with her performance and Ludwin arrives at his graduation)

Moxie Black – Radar

(scene: Ludwin’s graduation ceremony begins and he receives his diploma)

Mr. J. Medeiros – Last Stars

(scene: The group celebrates Ludwin’s graduation on a roof top while his girlfriend stands in the corner alone and antisocial)

Atmosphere – The Best Day

(scene: Frankie and JP walk in the rain to get coffee and begin to talk about Frankie’s life)

Megha Maan – Day Dreaming

(scene: JP makes a joke about his sex life; Fred heads into his internship)

Mos Def – Quiet Dog (Bit Hard)

(scene: Reyna, Rico and JP are joking around on the basketball court; Fred and Ludwin go into an art supply store)

Northern League – Hot Potato

(scene: The guys are playing football in the park and joking around)

SL Jones – Bet it Up

(scene: Rico makes a joke about not being psychic; Ludwin, Frankie and Fred head down some steps where they sit down and talk)

Grieves – Pressure Cracks

(scene: Ludwin tells Diana he thinks they should call off their relationship, it is dramatic and sad and they walk away from each other)

Fineprint – Wicked

(scene: Fred & Ludwin walk out of a building and walk down the stairs; they go order food and sit outside on some steps and talk about Ludwin’s breakup)

Grits – Beautiful Morning

(scene: Frankie and Rico are walking down the sidewalk to go exercise)

Najee the 1 – Championship Fever

(scene: Rico is training Frankie to get her in shape; she is running up and down the stairs)

Brother Ali – Work Everyday

(scene: Frankie is exhausted from her work out up and down the stairs)

Miscelanyus – Lights Camera Action

(scene: Reyna walks in to meet Taylor at a place and apologizes for being late)

Qyeendom – I’m a Star

(scene: Fred meets Rico sitting on the stoop)

Nneka – Lucifer (No Doubt)

(scene: Ludwin skate boards down the street and arrives at his family’s apartment)

Wallpaper. – 1234

(scene: Frankie arrives at Ludwin’s apartment and he gets her a glass of water)

Super Groupie – Lightning

(scene: Ludwin and Frankie share their first intimate moment)

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