Music from Washington Heights Episode 2

Featured Artist: Sirah | follow: @Sirah

Washington Heights – Airdate: January 9, 2013

Nikki Lynette – Model in the Mirror (Fashion)

(scene: Taylor, Ludwin and Fred walk into Goodwill and try on clothes)

Nneka (ft. Ms. Dynamite)  – Sleep

(scene: Ludwin & Frankie talk about Diana, scene transitions to night time where Jimmy shows up at a restaurant to meet Eliza)

Sirah – Motel Bible

(scene: JP and Rico show up at Jimmy’s dinner and surprise him. They all laugh and have a good time at the table)

Zeale – Black Mr. Rogers

(scene: Reyna and JP head down to a tattoo shop where JP gets a new tattoo)

N.E.P.H.E.W. – Party Abstrakt

(scene: Scene transition into Frankie meeting Reyna for lunch)

Doomtree – Little Mercy

(scene: Frankie and Reyna’s lunch wraps up, Ludwin and his girlfriend Diana are hanging out in his room)

The Freshmen – Hello There

(scene: Ludwin makes a joke, scene transitions to find JP and Rico at JP’s mom’s house. JP’s mom makes the gang dinner and once Reyna arrives, they prepare to eat)

Atlantic Connection – Reach Out

(scene: Barbara calls JP into the kitchen and tells him to fix the Jimmy/Reyna issue)

Young Ref  – City Thang

(scene: JP, Rico, Ludwin and Jason head to a spot called The Rock to talk)

US3 (ft. Sene) – Can I Get It?

(scene: The guys finish talking on The Rock, scene transition to Frankie and Taylor going into a pottery store)

Ritmo Machine (ft. Sick Jacken and Ana Tijoux) – La Calle

(scene: The gang all gathers on a roof, eating and joking with one another)

Janine the Machine – Fight Night

(scene: Eliza and Annelise sit down to brunch)

Grieves – Vice Grip

(scene: Jimmy is hitting balls at baseball practice and then heads to JP’s)

DPF – It’s the Way We Do It

(scene: Fred arrives at Ludwin’s house and Ludwin calls to get the results of his GED test)

Wallpaper. – Okay

(scene: Ludwin tells Frankie he passed the GED and they make plans to meet up)

Jessie Chambers – Dreamkillas

(scene: Reyna gives Frankie her thoughts on Ludwin’s relationship; Ludwin and Diana meet an go to the park for a picnic)

Glowbug – The Cockroach

(scene: Ludwin seems sad about his failing relationship)

Young Ref – Take That Money

(scene: Transition to the night, crew rolls up to the bar for JP’s sound check)

Doomtree – Gimme the Go

(scene: JP is having difficulties at soundcheck)

Emlilio Rojas – Keys to the City

(scene: JP and crew get ready at his place, everyone gathers outside and heads to the bar)

The Midi Mafia – Bass

(scene: Everyone arrives at the bar and is waiting outside to get in)

AHMIR – Welcome to my party

(scene: Everyone makes their way into the bar)

Audubon – Candy Rain

(scene: JP performs his club hit)

Nneka – My Home

(scene: Ludwin rides to Frankie’s house and they go to the park)

Rose Hart – Put Your Hands Up

(scene: Frankie and Ludwin talk about Diana, Frankie tells Ludwin to break up with her)

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