Music from Washington Heights Episode 11


Featured Artist:  Midi Mafia


Washington Heights – Airdate: March 14, 2013

Buck$ – “Thank God”

(Scene: Cold Open)

Revenge of the Nerds – “Lets Go”

(Scene: Everyone parties at the club to celebrate Frankie’s 21st birthday)

Leon Rockmore feat. Tselane Love – “Lose My Mind”

(Scene: Everyone parties at the club to celebrate Frankie’s 21st birthday)

Diplo ft. Elephant Man & GTA – “Move Around”

(Scene: Everyone parties at the club to celebrate Frankie’s 21st birthday)

Jake Troth – Sunday Smile

(Scene: Frankie and Ludwin head back into the club after making out oustide; scene change to Reyna and Taylor coming to Frankie’s apartment)

Taxi Doll – Come to Me

(Scene: JP heads over to Reyna’s apartment to catch up)

Papermaps – Nobody Gets it

(Scene: Reyna finishes telling JP that she wants to be independent and get her own place)

The Ettes – Don’t Bring Me Down

(Scene: Frankie talks to Taylor about possibly performing a poem about her feelings for Ludwin)

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – Shivers

(Scene: Frankie tells Ludwin about her show and says how happy she’s been lately)

Megha Maan – Go Hard or Go Home

(Scene: Rico shows up to an acting gig)

Grits – Reminds Me

(Scene: Rico kills his read through for the acting gig)

Midi Mafia – Vampires

(Scene: Rico does really well at his rehearsal)

Grits – Fly Away

(Scene: Fred talks to his mentor about getting into FIT; transition to JP’s mixtape release party)

Faded Paper Figures – Being There

(Scene: Reyna goes to work for training)

Leila – Midnight

(Scene: Everyone gathers outside the venue Frankie is going to perform at)

Emeli Sande – Next to Me

(Scene: Frankie finishes her performance of the poem she wrote about Ludwin, everyone cheers her on and even Ludwin responds well)

Young Murph the Kidd – Pay Up

(Scene: JP meets with JR to hear about the tour)

Trillogy – Change

(Scene: JR tells JP some news about the tour)

Ana Tijoux – 1977

(Scene: Scene changes to Fred and Ludwin talking)

Faded Paper Figures – Rewind

(Scene: Ludwin talks to Fred about Frankie)

Y Luv – Keep it Rollin

(Scene: Fred tells Rico some news)

Dangerflow – The Crown

(Scene: JP tells his mom some news)

Jasmine Ash – Someday’s Gonna Come

(Scene: Frankie walks with Ludwin; recap of the whole casts progress throughout the season)