Music from Washington Heights Episode 10


Featured Artist: Priory

Washington Heights – Airdate: March 6, 2013


Ohmega Watts ft Lightheaded, The Procussions & Noelle of the Rebirth – That Sound

(scene: Everyone goes paintballing for JP’s birthday)

Anami Vice – Lionel Ritchie

(scene: end of the paintball scene, everyone takes a group photo)

The New F-O’s – The Good and the Bad

Dead Prez – Awakening

(scene: End of the billiards scene)

God-Des & She – Respect My Fresh

Eckz ft Reyna and Audubon – Miss Again

(scene: JP and Reyna play with the new track)

 Johnny Astro – SkyDreams

(scene: Transition from JP working in the studio to Jimmy going to see his mom and tell her he’s leaving for Florida)

Kyven – Here For You

(scene: JP and Arlene meet up for a date)

Rone – Come Home to Me

(scene: The friends gather to give Jimmy a surprise send off)

All Good Funk Alliance feat. Empresarios – In the Rain

(scene: Jimmy is pleasantly surprised by all his friends)

Heather Nova – Beautiful Ride

(scene: Jimmy gives a nice toast at his party)

Anami Vice – Not So Fast

(scene: JP is in his apartment talking to his mom)

Latin Bitman – I Wanna Wake You Up

(scene: All the friends gather at Ludwin’s art show)

AlteRego & Baldylox – Push & Shove

(scene: Frankie spots Ludwin’s ex girlfriend at his art show and is ready for a fight)

Jessie Chambers – Can’t Deny You

(scene: JP is waiting outside the show for JR to show up)

Felt – Glory Burning

(scene: Tensions rise between Frankie and Ludwin’s ex at his art show)

Tech N9ne – Don’t Tweet This

(scene: Frankie and Ludwin’s ex have a confrontation at his art show)

The Ettes – You Never Say

(scene: Frankie walks away from Ludwin’s ex after telling her she’s foolish)

Phive – Waiting for You

(scene: JP, Reyna and Eckz get ready to perform)

Eckz ft Reyna and Audubon – Miss Again

(scene: They perform the song for JR and some other folks)

The Farewell Circuit – I Am a Ghost

(scene: The gang regroups outside of Ludwin’s art show)

Priory – Searching

(scene: Jimmy and his dad have a heartfelt, emotional conversation)

Young Gliss & De’Ko – Follow Your Dreams

(scene: JP and Rico go to Jimmy’s house to say goodbye as he’s leaving for Florida)

Trillogy feat. Los Lee – In Time

(scene: Jimmy and Eliza have a tearful goodbye as he leaves for Florida)

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