Music from WakeBrothers Season Premiere

Featured Artist: Wallpaper.

WakeBrothers – Airdate: July 25, 2012

The DNC – Fly High

(scene: Intro Soven Brothers)

Doomtree – Fresh New Trash

(scene: Intro Soven Brothers)

Tony D’Angelo (Feat. Boy Rekless) – Light It Up

(scene: 2 years later-Montage wakeboarding and party shots)

Megha Maan – Up So High

(scene: 2 years later-Montage wakeboarding and party shots)

Chiddy Bang – Opposite of Adults

(scene: 2 years later-Montage wakeboarding and party shots)

Wallpaper. – 2 Pair A Shades

(scene: Morning at the house, Phil has a girl over)

N.E.P.H.E.W – Nephgroove

(scene: Bob climbs up onto Phil’s balcony)

Deux Process – Back to Business

(scene: Bob and Phil playing pool with friends)

The High Decibels – Like This

(scene: Freestyle wakeboarding competition)

Revenge of the Nerds – Let’s Go

(scene: Freestyle wakeboarding competition)

Ali Pierre – Famous

(scene: Bob talks about his crush on Dallas)

Kovas – Ready

(scene: Phli’s girlfriend will set up Bob with a girl)

JTX – Love in America

(scene: Act Open-Wake Boarding Shots – Getting ready for their double date)

Cody Vavrik – Want More

(scene: The girls arrive at the house for the dates)

Hip hop Party League – Hey Ladies

(scene: Bob walks down the stairs in his silver short suit)

The New F-O’s (feat. Hannibal LEQ) – Uh Oh

(scene: Transition to restaurant)

The Midi Mafia (Feat. Dave Days) – Lucky

(scene: Credit card roulette, decide to go home for hot tub time)

Gavin Turek – Lady Luck

(scene: Bob won’t get a make out session)

Kopek – Running Scared

(scene: In the hot tub)

Trillogy – Warning

(scene: Bob throws Morgan in the pool, she’s not happy)

Plushgun – Galaxies

(scene: Morgan leaves)

Ollie Gabriel – We Poppin

(scene: Party at the house)

Diamond Light – Dusty Walls

(scene: Deciding who should try the rail first)

Air Dubai – Lasers

(scene: Bob tries the rail)

X5 – Act Like You Want It

(scene: Montage of wake boarders trying the rail)

Erik Hawk – Drop the Beat

(scene: Phil tries the rail but fails)

Pigeon John – The Bomb

(scene: Bob is the only one to successfully hit the rail and land!)

Khristian B  – Reach Up

(scene: Wake Boarding montage shots)

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