Music from WakeBrothers Episode 8

Featured Artist: Parade of Lights


WakeBrothers – Airdate: September 10, 2012

Freak Jamez – Start Me Up

(scene: Act Open Wake Boarding shots)

Kaero – Boom

(scene: Arriving at the cabin)

Megha Maan & Jumpshot Jones – Be There Tonight

(scene: Bob tries to do the Dirty Dancing move with Alexa)

Grits (Feat. Pigeon John) – Beautiful Morning

(scene: Next Morning at the cabin)

Franc Wyte – Depend on Me

(scene: Phil Arrives)

Jet Stream – Teen Crush

(scene: Bob and Alexa leave on their hike)

Cody Vavrik – Hands Up

(scene: Waterpark montage)

Blondfire – Where The Kids Are

(scene: Bob and Alexa hang out at the waterfall)

Grits – Do It Again

(scene: The gang arrives at the river)

The Beatards – Dang Diggy Dang

(scene: They head out on the boat)

The DNC – Jungle Flames

(scene: Adam and others wakeboard)

Astoria Kings – Come Alive

(scene: Bob and Alexa cook the carp)

Type3 Vampires – Candy Buzz Baby

(scene: The gang plays laser tag)

Astoria Kings – Start This Fire

(scene: Bob and Alexa set up camp on top of their tent)

Trillogy – Lady

(scene: Bob and Alexa almost kiss but are interrupted)

Trilogy – Things Called Love

(scene: Phil and Bob talk about the kiss)

Parade of Lights – Just Like Falling in Love

(scene: They pack up to leave)

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