Music from WakeBrothers Episode 7

Featured Artist: Bad Rabbits


WakeBrothers – Airdate: September 3, 2012

Megha Maan & Jumpshot Jones – Let’s Have Fun

(scene: Opening Credits)

Doomtree – Gimmie the Go

(scene: Phil training Jason)

The Beatards – Get Life

(scene: Jason out on the Water)

Pigeon John – Set It Loose

(scene: J is wakeboarding without Heart)

Mustard Pimp (feat. Jimmy Urine) – Money Shot

(scene: J’s second chance)

Bad Rabbits – Neverland

(scene: Transition to Frisbee on the Lawn)

Shapes of Race Cars – Say Yeah!

(scene: Bob explains school of life with Jason)

Pigeon John – What Are We Gonna Do

(scene: Transition to Bobstacle course)

Soul P – I Ain’t Goin Nowhere

(scene: Connect with the fans)

Rootbeer – Girlies

(scene: Saying hello to the Girls)

Light Sleeper – A Day to Rememeber

(scene: Jason competes)

Buss One – Paint it Red

(scene: Results are announced)

Manafest – Avalanche

(scene: Pro competition underway)

Classic – I’ll Be Doin’ It

(scene: Bob competes)

Chiddy Bang – Fourth Quarter

(scene: Phil competes)

Hannibal Leq – Feel This

(scene: Intro to announcer)

Chaptabois – Champ

(scene: Phillip is announced as the Winner of the competition)

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