Music from WakeBrothers Episode 5

Featured Artist: Locksley

WakeBrothers – Airdate: August 20, 2012

The Beatards – Big Bad Beat

(scene: Transition to House)

Lexicon – Big Money

(scene: Transition)

The Fieros – Songbird

(scene: Phil talks with his business partner Ryan)

The Beatards – Don’t Step On My Sneakers

(scene: Bob shows up)

Grown Mo – Like A Boss

(scene: Bob leave the bar with his backless suit)

Ghost Beach – Now Or Never

(scene: Act Open:  Wake Boarding shots and Amanda wants to be hired at the bar)

Blueprint – So Alive

(scene: Transition into bar)

Lexicon – Calls

(scene: Transition into Phil)

American Bang – World Stops Turning

(scene: Off roading to the country)

Heavy Young Heathens – Mulholland Drive

(scene: Off roading to the country)

Carolina Slim – From The Swamps

(scene: Mudding)

The Rockford Mules – Drag The Swamp

(scene: Tell everyone to go to Stagger In)

The Kicks – Turn It Out

(scene: Mudd Life)

The Wallburds  – Going Home

(scene: Grand Opening)

Locksley  – In Celebration

(scene: Congrats)

The Midi Mafia – Last Call

(scene: Introducing country folk arriving)

The Midi Mafia – Blinded By The Lights

(scene: Bob chats with country ladies)

The Cadillac Black – Get Your Buzz On

(scene: Line dancing)

The Midi Mafia  – Bottles

(scene: I’m not country, I know country)

The Five Tones – Coming Home

(scene: Chewing tobacco)

Rose Hart  – Doin My Thing

(scene: Phil admits Bob didn’t do a terrible job)

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