Music from WakeBrothers Episode 10

Featured Artist: The High Decibels


WakeBrothers – Airdate: September 24, 2012

Dukes of DaVille – My Song

(scene: Opening credits)

Joshua Jesty– Grandma Knows Better

(scene: Grandma arrives)

Fannypack – Yo!

(scene: Alexa meets Grandma & head out to bowling)

J Zone – Grandmas Make the World

(scene: Bowling with Grandma)

The Chain Gang of 1974 – Make My Body

(scene: Grandma beat them all, doesn’t love Bob’s girlfriend)

The Natural (Feat. Dominic) – All On Me

(scene: Transition to Bob & Grandma in the kitchen)

Hammerwax – Move Like This

(scene: Going to zumba class with Grandma)

Young Mennace – Voodoo Spell

(scene: Bob and Alexa go out on their boat)

Doomtree – Own Yours

(scene: They “swamp” Bob & Alexa)

JTX – 7 Day Weekend

(scene: Transition to Bob & Rusty on the dock)

The High Decibels – Crash With No Cushion

(scene: They throw a football to Phil wakeboarding)

The High Decibels – Let’s Go

(scene: They throw a football to Phil wakeboarding)

Air Dubai – Restless Youth

(scene: Sunday funday at the house)

The High Decibels – That Dude

(scene: Party at the house with Grandma)

Miss Amani – Come On Now

(scene: Grandma dances on the table)

G. Love & Special Sauce – Grandmother

(scene: Bob and Grandma sit outside / Grandma gets into her car)

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