Music From Virgin Territory: Season 1, Episode 8

Virgin Territory
Featured Artist: Robert DeLong


Schematic – “All-Time Quarterback”
Alec talks about his struggles with being gay, and keeping it a secret from family and friends.

Wild Party – “Outright”
Alec heads to a party where his friends try to hook him up with a girl.

Rambo Hustle – “Let’s Ride”
Marjorie and her friends head to the club, she runs into her crush.

The Royalty – “Mr. Hyde”
Keyaira and her mom talk about boys while they get their nails done.

U137 – “Watching The Storm”
Marjorie and Hiago talk about the trouble with their relationship, and how to fix it.

Robert DeLong – “Happy”
David and his friends are playing football while his girlfriend watches

Hopeland – “Goodbye”
Alec attends his first support group for gays & lesbians.

Machines Are People Too – “Our Time”
Alec finally comes out to his family.

Phive – “Girls on Fire”
Keyaira and her mom go out to the club.

Gentlemen Hall – “Satellite”
David decides the fate of his current relationship, and looks towards the future.

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