Music From Virgin Territory: *Series Premiere*

Virgin Territory
Featured Artist: CHVRCHES


Machines Are People Too – “Do What You Love”
Lisa celebrates her bachlorette party.

Goldroom – “Embrace”
Mikaela works up the courage to talk to her crush, Ashton.

Morgan Taylor Reid – “When Your Heart Is Able”
Lisa moves into Nick’s house.

The Royalty – “Won’t Be Long”
Lisa talks to Nick about losing her virginity on their wedding night.

Miss Amani – “Fame”
Kyle goes to a strip club for the first time.

Houses – “A Quiet Darkness”
Lisa visits her dad in a nursing home.

P-Holla – “Tell Your Girl”
Kyle gets ready to hang with his friends in their dorm room.

Bell Civic – “Piping”
Kyle sets out to find his crush at college house party.

CHVRCHES – “You Caught The Light”
Kyle tells his friends that he’s still a virgin.

White Mystery – “Party”
Mikaela and friends head over to her aunt’s house to throw a party.

General Ghost – “The Way We Are”
Lisa and Nick celebrate at their wedding reception.


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