Music From Virgin Territory: Season 1, Episode 9

Virgin Territory
Featured Artist: CHVRCHES


TEAM – “Light In The Sky”
John talks about the number of sexual partners his friends have had.

The Rassle – “Wild Ones”
John attempts to flirt with a girl and invite her to a party.

Mike Mains and the Branches – “Love”
Alec plans on coming out to his friends with a surprise.

Good Blood – “Passengers Side”
John contemplates becoming “more than friends” with his crush.

The Pass – “It’s Less Dangerous”
Keyaira and her crush go on a bowling date.

CHVRCHES – “Lungs”
Keyaira is relieved her crush isn’t intimidated by her virginity.

Carousel – “Where Have You Gone”
Keyaira goes rollerskating on her second date with Cauri.

Electric Valentine – “Make That Body Work”
Alec attends his first homosexual mixer.

Nina Natri – “Hard To Beat”
John takes his friend Justine out on a date, is hopeful it can lead to something more.

Carbon Choir – “Sakhalin”
John doesn’t know where his relationship stand with Justine after their date.

The Darling Minds – “These Days Are Ours”
Marjorie and her friend enjoy their time on the boat, everyone’s in a happy mood.

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