Music from Virgin Territory: Season 1, Episode 3

Virgin Territory
Featured Artist: Robert DeLong


Night Riots – “Back to Your Love”
Kyle invites Amanda over, they decide to jump in the hot tub.

Robert Delong – “Global Concepts”
Luke and his friend go to a hotel birthday party, made up of all grils.

The Beat Geeks – “Party In The Air”
Anna has a party at her house, her crush shows up.

Olympic Ayres – “Girl”
Kyle and Amanda head to the ice skating rink for a date.

Ocean City Defender – “Star Tropics”
Klye and Amanda skating montage

General Ghost – “Dressed in Black”
Luke meets Leah for their snowboarding date.

CHVRCHES – “Under The Tide”
Luke and Leah snowboarding montage.

Gentleman Hall – “All Our Love”
After their date, Kyle goes back to Amanda’s house.

William Fitzsimmons – “Fade and Then Return”
Dominique talks to her mom about her relationship hang-ups.



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