Music From Virgin Territory: Season 1 Finale

Virgin Territory
Featured Artist: Jeremy Messersmith

Jeremy Messersmith

Misun – “My Time”
Alec and his crush Cory talk about taking their relationship to the next level.

Jules Larson + AG – “Cruel World”
Emily is introduced, she talks about her struggles with her body.

BESTie – “Pineapple”
John hangs with his friends at the batting cages, he talks about his current relationship status.

FURS – “An Eye on the Vicious”
Emily and her boyfriend talk about the relationship benefits of going to therapy.

Knox Hamilton – “Work It Out”
John talks with his mom about practicing safe sex.

Wild Party – “Nicely Done”
Abby’s boyfriend surprises her during a game of Jenga while she’s not looking.

Jeremy Messersmith – “Ghost”
Alec is overwhelmed with his friends’ and families support of his new relationship.

Magnets & Ghosts – “Hold On”
Abby and her boyfriend talk about the events from the night before.

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