Music From Virgin Territory: Season 1, Episode 10

Virgin Territory
Featured Artist: Phoenix


Future People – “Little Gold Chain”
Abby talks to her friend about her insecurities when it comes to sex.

New Beat Fund – “Beware Of Phony Disco”
John takes his crush Justine on a hiking date.

Phoenix – “Entertainment”
John finally makes a move on Justine.

Phive – “The Way It Goes”
Alec and his friend go out to a gay bar for the first time.

Hellogoodbye – “Just Don’t Let Go Just Don’t”
Alec leaves the bar disappointed that someone didn’t take him being gay seriously.

Wildlife Control – “Brooklyn”
Keyaira invites her crush over to meet her family for dinner.

Vic and Gab – “What I Want”
Abby and her boyfriend celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Los Waves – “Your World”
John and his friends talk about dating while they play golf.

Aaron Sprinkle – “I’ve Missed You”
Alec goes on his first ever date with a guy.

Secret Sun – “My Messenger”
Keyaira  confronts her mom about being too controlling.

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