Music from Virgin Territory: Season 1, Ep. 5

Virgin Territory
Featured Artist: Phoenix


Los Waves – “Strange Kind of Love”
Luke and his girlfriend Madalynn play a game of lacrosse against eachother.

Houses – “Big Light”
Luke opens a letter Madalynn surprises him with.

Electric Valentine – “Good Girls Like Bad Guys”
Shelby leaves the doctor’s office after talking about getting breast implants.

Phoenix – “Chloroform”
Anna talks to Alex about their future as a couple.

Lovedrug – “Wildblood”
Anna and her friends head out to a beach house for the weekend.

Magic Man – “Nova Scotia”
After dinner, Anna and Alex head up to the bedroom when something unexpected happens.

Butterfly Boucher – “None The Wiser”
Anike goes shopping for new clothes for her fashion line  fundraiser.

Phive – “Once Upon A Time In Vegas”
Shelby tries out her “test” boobs at the bar.

Night Riots – “Berelain”
Anna and her friends pack up their things from the beach house and drive home.

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