Music From Undressed: Season 1, Episode 6

Featured Artist: DENM

Koyoke – Thing Called Love
A flash-forward preview of both dates.

Sandflower – Destiny
Bryan and Katie meet for the first time.

Slyngshott – Walk It Out
Alexa and Emily meet for the first time.

Tove Lo – Talking Body
Alexa and Emily undress each other.

Karmin – Sugar
Bryan and Katie talk about when they wake up.

Black Atlass – Tonight
Bryan and Katie discuss if they are romantic or a little kinky, while Alexa and Emily discuss if they are feminists.

Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like
Alexa and Emily are cuddling.

Jacob Whiteside – Focus
Checking in on both the couples getting to know each other.

Karra – Almost Loved You
Alexa and Emily reveal if they feel a connection.

DENM – The Feeling
Bryan and Katie reveal if they feel a connection.

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