Music from Underemployed Episode 8



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UnderemployedAirdate: December 8, 2012

Loxley/Hawke – Don’t Do It

(Previously On Underemployed)

The Dollyrots – Twist Me To The Left

(scene: Making out to Todd’s Music. Raviva calls. (Daphne’s side)

Haim – Go Slow

(scene: Making out to Todd’s Music. Raviva calls. (Daphne’s side)

Lennings – B-12

(scene: Miles explains that Todd is a home fielder)

The Lazy Waves – Wasting Light, Wasting Time

(scene: Raviva gets Sophia to babysit so she can audition)

Cathy Heller – We’re Good Together

(scene: Sophia meets Rachel)

Rae Ray – Meet Me In Vegas

(scene: Sophia and Miles discuss Rachel at the bar)

Fremont – All That I Needed

(scene: Sophia and Miles try to figure Rachel out)

Death And A Cure – When It All Goes South

(scene: Jamel questions Raviva’s relationship with Lou)

The Heathers – LCL – Don’t Bite Me

(scene: Miles asks Daphne about the music thing as she dresses)

Torches – Black Magic

(scene: Lou thanks Jamel for Raviva’s opportunity. Sophia spots Rachel)

Cassettes Won’t Listen – Ceilings and Floors

(scene: Jamel praises Raviva, thinks the song is about him)

Holy Folk – The Longest Highway

(scene: Breakfast. Daphne tells Miles that the music thing is fixed)

JJamz – Heartbeat

(scene: Sophia and Rachel will still hang out)

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