Music from Underemployed Episode 4

 Featured Artist: Najee The 1 | follow: @NajeeThe1

UnderemployedAirdate: November 6, 2012

The Royal Concept – Gimme Twice

(scene: Opening – bar source as the gang discusses Sophia’s parents coming to town)

Oberhofer – Haus

(scene: Lou and Raviva hang out in the apartment – plays as source on labtop  at Miles and Daphne’s place)

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Sink / Let It Sway

(scene: Miles asks Daphne why he can’t audition for the Madura campaign)

Liptease – Children

(scene: Sophia explains why she doesn’t wan to invite Laura to Medieval Times)

Najee The 1 – Look At This

(scene: Miles shows up to the Madura auditions)

Plushgun – Waste Away

(scene: Miles hides Sophia’s vibrator from her parents)

Royal Teeth – Wild

(scene: Miles agrees to pretend to be Sophia’s boyfriend)

Memoryhouse – Old Haunts

(scene: Sophia comes out to her parents)

Marc Robillard – The Pair

(scene: Lou feels bad about being a jerk to Raviva)

Marc Robillard – Some Cry

(scene: Sophia’s parents tell her they won’t support her any more)

Memoryhouse – The Kids Were Wrong

(scene: Miles gets the job and Daphne explains how she feels)

Oberhofer – oOoOoOo

(scene: The gang recaps their day)

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