Music from the Washington Heights Season Premiere


Featured Artist: Sirah | follow: @Sirah

Washington HeightsAirdate: January 9, 2013

Janine the Machine – Fight Night

Village Psychic – Alright

Jessie Chambers – American Daze

Sirah – My City

(Washington Heights Show Open)

Zeale – Hope Dies

(scene: Frankie and Taylor are talking on a bed; Fred and Ludwin are seen designing a shirt)

The Midi Mafia – Play Hard

(scene: Jimmy and Eliza head to baseball tryouts)

The New F-O’s – Show Me

(scene: JP comes home to find a bill at his doorstep)

Audubon – Parent Trap

(scene: Jimmy and his dad have an emotional moment)

Twista – I Ain’t Wired Right

(scene: Frankie and Reyna’s lunch wraps up, Ludwin and his girlfriend Diana are hanging out in his room)

Mobbs Juice – On

(scene: Rico arrives at JP’s apartment)

Grieves – Growing Pains

(scene: JP and his mom are talking, transition into Jimmy talking to Eliza)

The Midi Mafia – Sparks

(scene: The cast gets ready for JP’s showcase

Tha Misses – I Already Did That

(scene: Fred & Ludwin present JP with the shirt they designed for him)

The Arch Cupcake – Wash Out

(scene: The girls walk out and wait for the guys on the corner)

DPF – Hoo Rockers

(scene: The group walks to Apt 78 for JP’s performance)

SL Jones – Hit-A-Licc

(scene: The cast arrives at Apt 78, JP wonders if more people will show up)

Ollie Gabriel – We Poppin’

(scene: The cast mingles at Apt 78)

Miscelanyus – My Honey Radio

(scene: Everyone at Apt 78 starts to party)

Audubon – Post Card

(scene: JP performs at Apt 78)

The Midi Mafia – Ayeyo

(scene: Everyone parties after JP’s performance)

Wallpaper. – Okay

(scene: Reyna yells at Jimmy; Reyna and Eliza are both upset)

Megha Maan – The Maan is Back

(scene: JP visits Reyna at home)

Kyle Andrews – Lazer Tag with Imaginary Friends

(scene: Taylor and Frankie go to a nail salon)

Janine the Machine – Boys Boys Boys

(scene: Frankie and Taylor talk about Reyna and Eliza’s fight; Jimmy meets Eliza for dinner)

Rose Hart – Run Away

(scene: Eliza and Jimmy talk at dinner)

Rose Hart – To the Floor

(scene: Taylor arrives at the party, the cast mingles and Fred takes pictures)

Ollie Gabriel – Days Like This

(scene: Cast toasts and JP tells everyone his hopes for the summer)

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