Music from the Teen Mom 3 Season Premiere


Featured Artist: National Skyline

Teen Mom 3Airdate: August 26, 2013

Tim Cullen– Face


Mikey Sabatella – Finish Line Without A Start

(scene: Recap on Mackenzie giving birth)

Tim Cullen – The Life

(scene: Mackenzie and Josh go out to eat

Cardia – Forever Young

(scene: Mackenzie and Josh end their date)

National Skyline – What You Wanted

(scene: Mackenzie and Josh get into an argument)

The Colorful Quiet – Survival

(scene: Scene Opening: Kayllee and Mackenzie talk about Mackenzie and Josh’s recent fight)

Tan Vampires – Fake Southern Draw

(scene: Katie talks to her sister about her fight with Joey)

Emile Millar – Breaking Good

(scene: Briana talks to her mom about the things Devon wrote about her online)

Joe Kennedy – Told You So

(scene: Katie and Joey make up after fighting, Katie puts the baby to sleep and Joey goes home)

Emile Millar – These Years

(scene: Alex and Matt go bowling)

Hearts and Daggers – Losing Faith in You

(scene: Alex talks to Matt)

Civalias – Something Real

(Closing Montage)

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