Music from the Teen Mom 2 Season Finale

(Featured Artist: The Static Jacks)

Teen Mom 2 Airdate: February 14, 2012

The Dunes – Lost

(scene: Jenelle spends her first night in rehab)

Matthew Perryman Jones – Machine Gun Love

(scene: Jenelle talks with her therapist about the rulers)

Benny Marchant – A Better Way

(scene: Kailyn talks to her friend about getting back with Jo and breaking up with Jordan)

Benny Marchant – Conversations Missed

(scene: Chelsea takes her GED test)

David Condos  – The Ache

(scene: Chelsea talks with her mom on the back patio)

Brooke Annibale – Fright

(scene: Corey talks to his dad on the phone)

The Static Jacks – Sonata (We Can Work It Out)

(scene: Chelsea, her mom, and Aubree go downtown to the car show)

Beware of Safety – Meridian

(scene: Chelsea and her mom sit on a bench on the sidewalk and talk about Adam)

And Then There Were Two – Hold Me Here

(scene: Leah talks to her mom about moving out)

Hearts and Daggers – Barely Holding On

(scene: Leah sees the pictures of her wedding that her mother recently received in the mail)

Austin Hartley-Leonard – Ohio

(scene: Chelsea receives a lettersaying she passed her GED test)

Tracy Johnson – The Ghost Between

(scene: Jenelle talks with her Therapist about smoking weed)

Beware of Safety – Lowercase West

(scene: Kailyn talks with Jordan about hooking up with Jo)

The Bright Youth – What Happened to Liza

(scene: Kailyn breaks up with Jordan)

Heavy Young Heathens – The Body Electric

(scene: Chelsea gets ready to see Adam)

Wil Seabrook  – As My Heart Breaks

(scene: Jenelle and Keiffer break up over the phone)

One Hundred Paces – Letters

(scene: Corey and his dad pick up the twins from Leah)

Kelli Scarr – Anything

(scene: Kailyn talks with her friend about breaking up with Jordan)

The Static Jacks – Blood Pressure

(scene: Chelsea waits for Adam)

Wil Seabrook – Around the World

(scene: Jenelle talks with her mom and Jace over the computer)

The Elected – Jailbird

(scene: Jenelle gets released from rehab)

The Devil Whale – Don’t You Recognize This Place

(scene: Chelsea rides on the back of Adam’s motorcycle)

Trent Dabbs – Preoccupied

(scene: Kailyn and Jo talk about their relationship)

One Hundred Paces – Change

(scene: Jenelle comes home from rehab)

Bascom Hill – Ever Wish

(scene: Janelle, Jace, and Janelle’s mom drive home from the airport)

Moving Mountains – Lights and Shapes

(scene: Leah packs up all her stuff and moves out)

Andy Davis – Hard to Believe

(End of Show, Closing Montage)

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